Choosing An Autonomous Ethics System For Your Robot

In ten years, how will the machines that run your daily existence respond when confronted with life-or-death decisions? Matthieu Cherubini at the Royal College of Art offers prototypes of Humanist, Protector, and Profit-Based moral parameters for self-driving cars:

Many car manufacturers are projecting that by 2025 most cars will operate on driveless systems. How can such systems be designed to accommodate the complicatedness of ethical and moral reasoning? Just like choosing the color of a car, ethics can become a commodified feature in autonomous vehicles that one can buy, change, and repurchase, depending on personal taste.

Three distinct algorithms have been created – each adhering to a specific ethical principle/behaviour set-up – and embedded into driverless virtual cars that are operating in a simulated environment, where they will be confronted with ethical dilemmas.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Get a bike.

  • Thurlow Weed

    I want a rickshaw pulled by Larry Page.

    • Anarchy Pony

      Does he even have ethics software?

      • BuzzCoastin

        his motto
        Be Evil

        • Anarchy Pony

          “They be more like guidelines than actual rules.” Capt. Barbosa.

  • emperorreagan

    I’d like a car with an ethics program designed for insurance fraud – minimize injury and minimize chance of getting caught while maximizing profit!

  • BuzzCoastin

    I’d prefer to run my robot
    just like Uncle Homeland & BIG BIZMESS runz theirz
    without an ethical operating system

  • I_abide

    The ethics routines will probably be built with funding from insurance companies. All probabilities will be weighted to reflect monetary impact on the company.

    Guess this means that in the event of a collision make sure all parties don’t walk away. Medical bills are expensive.