Congressman Takes on AIPAC and Gets Thrown in Prison

Via We Are Change

In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange speaks with James Traficant who was thrown in prison for nearly 8 years after taking on the Israeli Lobby. The former congressman speaks on government corruption and the future of the United States. James Traficant believes he could be killed if he continues to speak out against the powers that be.


  • aaron

    It dont matter if you are a congressmen or the president or are a average person who committed no crime what so ever. If you step on the powers that be toes or try to expose them you will end up dead or discredited and in prison and your life destroyed and might wish you were dead. Althought I preach the need for revolution and change, I’m not gonna lie, it is scary what these people will do and how far they can and will go.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    Very sobering interview……infuriating as well.

  • aaron

    Yep. Its not all Jews in fact I dont even think the people that control Israel and other countries actually would be defined as Jewish by any means even if they put the front on that they are. Most Jewish people I know are just people and dont own international insursnce/banking/investment conglomerates and other mega corporations that are used to horde resources and issue out worthless fiat money. Once this fiat money loses its value it will leave the person holding it with nothing but some worthless paper or cotton or whatever that specific country’s money is printed on.

    We will be left with worthless money and will have allowed these people to control all the real necessities of life such as food, water, other natural resources and you can bet they control giant weapons caches and nuclear weapons as well. “We the people” are fucked because I think these people would nuke the whole planet in a “fail-deadly” type scenario before they would relinquish their power and control.

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