Conspiracy Guy – Fukushima

Conspiracy Guy – Fukushima

The Conspiracy Guy is back, and this time he’s taking a girl out for dinner!

Tonight’s special: Fukushima Fish.

Bon appétit!



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  1. Story of my life 😉 Can we get a Conspiracy Guy meets internet troll in person?

      • Great clip of Alex describing what is in reality happening, animation was funny too but of course just a palliative for those avoiding the issues.

        • I sure you do believe that’s whats happening… but I don’t deal in beliefs.

          #conservatard #nutbar

          • Ok, point by point, does fluoride impact your health negatively and are there any studies supporting this in your non belief dealing worldview? Alex did bring that up did he not?

          • Since you don’t deal in “beliefs” (but you sure do deal in ad hominem attacks and appeal to ridicule don’t you) I will just stick to the facts. You up for a little mental challenge or do you want to just rattle off non- sequitorial gibberish like a pigeon chess champ all day?

          • Fluoride is a binding agent (not liquid autism put there by jewish bankers to control the goyem) applied in miniscule amounts to treat reclaimed waste water. It binds the residual medications, petrochemical and other industrial byproducts that would otherwise render the water undrinkable. There is no conspiracy… just a few cold hard facts that are not a part of the public’s dialogue. The reality of the situation is that human activity has real consequences, and it’s often extremely difficult to reduce the level of chemicals in reclaimed waste water and make it drinkable.

          • I’m just going to leave this here….


            Notice you didn’t actually answer my question, nor did I say anything about Jewish bankers. So please again refrain from utilizing logical fallacies in place of a rational discussion of the facts you stated you prefer dealing in. Also I would like to see your source for what you stated regarding Fluoride.

          • Right…. So can’t say I didn’t try (again). By the way your behavior on Michael Ruppert’s suicide letter post really exposes how depraved you are. I shudder to think you are interacting with people in need of a kind voice. You can’t answer any of my questions and now your doing the dejected pigeon shit strut over the chessboard. Classic disinfo troll style.

          • @Matt Staggs, why do you let this guys shit all over the boards here?

          • I’m not here to claim that I’m right, I’m here to raise awareness that I am.

            I don’t care if you respect my freedom of speech or not… fascist.

          • You’re definitely not right and you childishly throw tantrums when it’s proving how wrong you are, but that doesn’t stop you from doing so everywhere on this site. Being a nuisance is not protected under freedom of speech here (nor in the real world, especially when it comes to private businesses and property rights, even in cyberspace, you don’t own it you can’t act like you do) and actually you are violating the rules of conduct here continually. Pointing that out to you so we are clear.

          • Save your thinly veined threats to try and censor me… you get your chicken feathers ruffled a lot here. You have no problem dishing it out but you cant take it.

            “Can we get a Conspiracy Guy meets internet troll in person?” Cam Wiltshire

            #firstworldproblems #censorshipisacancer

          • Actually I just pointed out that regardless of how polite or logical I (or anyone else you disagree with) am with you you always resort to troll tactics. You then hide behind sneering platitudes while talking shit to someone whose friend just killed themselves as with your self important bullshit. Say whatever you like JPH it’s clear you lack the ability to effectively discuss any issue without resorting to childish behavior.

            “as they say in Canada, Peace Ooottt”

          • I just asked @mattstaggs:disqus why does he let you post here when it’s so obvious you are nothing but a rage queefing troll who talks shit but can’t manage to stick to facts. I didn’t ask him to ban you, I just asked for clarity on why obvious trolls are allowed to ruin what could be a forum for effective discussion and communication amongst those with differences of opinion. Sorry that ruffled your feathers, but hey if the shoe fits…

      • Matt Staggs | Apr 18, 2014 at 5:04 pm |

        I’m tired of reading all of the insults and provocation on this and
        about three other post. Things have turned incredibly nasty, and speaking quietly one on one with all of the commenters
        involved is no longer an option. I’m locking this post and a few others to further comments. If any commenters want to continue to fight, they’ll need to do so elsewhere. We’re done here.

        • I’ve been done with the community here for a long time, you know that… my internet reputation is already ruined, I beat you to it and I don’t care.

          I would rather be right than liked.

          • Matt Staggs | Apr 19, 2014 at 11:51 am |

            Sorry – that was meant to be an announcement at the top of the tread. Frickin’ disqus.

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