Esquire: Cliven Bundy’s Revelations From God

NevadaEsquire’s Caty Enders writes that Cliven Bundy is telling his admirers that he is receiving revelations from God concerning what should be done in America.

Via Esquire

The crowd, fresh off their victory at the Battle of Bunkerville, gives Bundy a standing ovation. But he doesn’t seem pleased. He reproaches the crowd for failing to follow the word of God – to the letter – which he says is being delivered through him. They failed, for example, to follow his instructions to tear down the toll booths at Lake Mead and disarm the Park Service.

“The message I gave to you all was a revelation that I received. And yet not one of you can seem to even quote it.”

Cliven continues, sermon-like: “The records of our bible — how long have they been kept? Thousands of years. They’ve been turned over generation after generation, buried, and all kinds of things happen to ‘em. And yet, here, something I felt was inspired [by God] and yet we haven’t even carried it forth for even a couple of days. Shame on us.” Smattering of clapping.

He goes on to explain that, although they managed to deter the BLM, they failed to do it “within one hour,” as the revelation had prophesied. So when an hour passes, he decides to get in his bulldozer and march on the BLM himself. The dozer gets stuck in the mud and he receives another revelation.

“It come to my mind real plain — the good Lord said, ‘Bundy, it’s not your job, it’s THEIR job.’ So we come back over here and heard that they had brought some cattle back. So I want you to understand,” addressing the crowd, “This is not my job, it’s YOUR job.

“This morning, I said a prayer, and this is what I received. I heard a voice say, ‘Sheriff Gillespie, your work is not done. Every sheriff across the United States, take the guns away from the United States bureaucrats.’” Lots of clapping for this.

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  • Donna4843

    Yes,guns in the hands of bureaucrats is not freedom nor is policy democracy despite what Bundy says or does.

  • Andrew

    Are these the same people who claimed Obama claimed to be the messiah?

    • mannyfurious

      This past Easter weekend I was thinking how big of a dick the Christian god must be to require a blood sacrifice of his own child to forgive his own mistakes (he created Adam and Eve, therefore their shortcomings were either of his own design, or he was a shitty creator)… you know, among all the other shitty things he is reported to have done.

      Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if that asswipe of a god was choosing to communicate with these kinds of jerkoffs, over and over again.

      • Donna4843

        Yes,Jesus said the God of this world is Satan.

        • Andrew

          What better disguise for the Antichrist than as Jesus?

      • Oginikwe

        ” I was thinking how big of a dick the Christian god must be to require a blood sacrifice of his own child”
        Blood sacrifice is an ancient theme in many mythologies. Kronos swallowed his children whole only to be castrated by one of them; Mithra, the forerunner of Jesus, was also a sacrifice. We aren’t suppose to take them literally–myth is metaphor. When we take them literally, like too many people are doing now, we’re in trouble. This is well illustrated by these people who think they have a secure line to God and then demand that we follow them.

        • mannyfurious

          Yeah…well…when you take posts on the disinfo message board literally, YOU’RE in trouble….

          Dude, I’m fairly well-educated on the meaning/function/redeeming qualities of mythology (meaning: I’ve read some Campbell, Frazer, Graves, Mann, etc). The problem is not that I take myths seriously. The problem is that a large portion of my society takes the specific myths of the Christian god seriously, and then they say things like, “Parents, just think how much you love your children and how much God loves you for sacrificing his own child for you.”

          Nooooo…. This whole Easter mythology is like if I created a computer program that I coded to only “count” odd numbers. Then it counted an even number. Either I fucked up in my coding and am incompetent, or I purposely coded it to count the occasional even number. Either way, by requiring a blood sacrifice from one of my children for that computer’s salvation doesn’t make me a loving computer programmer, it makes me a fucking dick.

      • Juan

        Absolutely, that bastard, Yawhe is a major fucking psycho, not anyone you would ever want to have anything to do with, ever. It would be just like him to communicate with these assclowns just to keep fucking with the rest of us.

      • Dingbert

        Just wanted to note that the idea of Christ as a blood sacrifice (substitutionary atonement) is only found in Western Christianity.

  • Oginikwe

    Good Lord!!
    Why is it that when these nutcases start taking directives from God, it’s always what they and their egos wanted to do in the first place?

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Give the people what they want: to be part of an engaging drama. Bundy is doing it. That is why he is loved. That is why he is hated.

    Admit it: the banal drudgery of post-modern life is crushing. The idea that you can successfully challenge the power of the oligarchy is an absurdity. Don’t you think, in the long run, that you will be happier and psychologically healthier if you just embrace the lethal melodrama on offer? A lot less lonely.

    • Echar Lailoken

      Now that you mention it, I think I’ve already seen this Steven Seagal movie.

      • Liam_McGonagle

        Yeah, it is pretty depressing, just how banal the farty little bufoons that pass for protagonists these days. But we’ve been awash in banality for the last 50 years of consumerist capitalism, at least. We might be expected to acquire a taste for it.

        Besides which, real drama is a little too expensive, if you’re the type who’s always got his eye on the meter.

    • Adam’s Shadow

      You are making me seriously fucking depressed even as I nod my head.

  • Anarchy Pony

    This motherfucker is gonna milk his spotlight for all it’s fucking worth.

    • InfvoCuernos

      Pull up a chair, you can bet a cattleman like Clive can milk a while.

      • Number1Framer

        But can he keep his balance on the milking stool while also jumping the shark?

    • nvrbl

      Hey, he is getting free grazing, the “militia” are supplying free labor and he is taking in donations. He hasn’t had any press in a few days, they are about to say or do something outrageous to stir up their fans and drum up donations.

  • Juan

    Ah, a good old, bona fide, American media (propaganda) circus, weeeeeee;)
    Don’t know about you guys, but I am enjoying the show.

  • Ted Heistman

    I am sure viewing these statements from a greater context would reveal that he is not crazy at all. Maybe Viewing him from 10,000 miles away from outer space, would lend the broadest viewpoint. You just have to look at him in context.

    • Tuna Ghost

      Ha! Sweet burn

  • jasonpaulhayes

    #bundyranchocasinoandsteakhouse #1491

  • Number1Framer

    Hmmm…I don’t see a certain person here, so let me help out the discussion a bit:

    This is typical out of context non-sequitorial ‘gotcha’ gibberish from the MSM for the indoctrinated sheeple. As you can see from the full version (insert Alex Jones link), what he meant was (insert argument reducing senile ramblings to metaphor for personal freedom). These are just more of the same ad hominem attacks since none of you have any sense and obviously don’t know what he REALLY meant.

    • Tuna Ghost

      Wait, you didn’t accuse anyone of being on the gov’t payroll tasked with the important job of smearing you, that’s my favorite part

      • Number1Framer

        And building 7.

        • misinformation

          First steel tower in history to drop at free-fall speed from ‘fires’ and, not even mentioned in the Commission Report. You’re right, that does sound ridiculous…

          • Number1Framer

            I agree 100% on building 7 being a cover up – seriously. It’s just a little, you know, ‘non-sequitorial’ considering it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Bundy ranch or the discussions in which it was brought up.

          • misinformation

            I could be wrong but my only memory of building 7 in the Bundy context (and sadly I have way too much Bundy context in my life at this point) was with regards to whether Snopes was a legitimate arbiter of fact checking. And, it was pointed out, since they deny any shenanigans (paraphrasing) with regards to 7, then their qualifications should be suspect.

            That’s not necessarily ‘non-sequitorial’. As I said though, I could’ve missed that it was brought up in another context.

          • Number1Framer

            All I’m saying is that He-whose-name-we-do-not-speak is much better when taken as a punch line rather than the exemplar of logic and rational thought he thinks himself to be. Going on insane rants about anything is irritating enough to anyone, but ignorable when done in an online forum. Going on insane rants and then personally attacking anyone for not having the sense to see the light and come over to your side is laughable (perhaps even ‘ad hominem’). Said person seems to think everyone who doesn’t want to come over to his camp is a fool, so when he can’t shame them into line (haven’t seen it work yet), he takes his ball and goes home after crapping out a link from the same questionable sources he runs to time and time again while claiming rational objectivity.

            The thing everyone seems to be real sick of from him though is the fucking arrogance he constantly oozes. I see a lot of opinions expressed here that I don’t agree with and I don’t give a shit; it’s fine that other people have their own perceptions of the world and issues that matter to them, but don’t try to impose your tunnel vision on me. If you want to build a movement it needs to be done by bringing people together based on issues we all agree are fucked up, not by calling everyone who doesn’t already agree with you an idiot. I know plenty of “Lefties” who are on the same page with the building 7 stuff, but who wants to associate with dickholes like HIM who assume you disagree so they can immediately jump to the name calling and fallacy-labeling? That’s the difference between being informed and wanting to foster unity against the powers that be vs just being a petulant asshole.

            But personally I’d wager that he’s just very good at his job…

          • misinformation

            Fair enough. I’m sure that one wishing to unite fronts could use your critique in advancing that cause.

            I do have to agree though, whether his methods are well received or not, he is correct in pointing out (whether explicitly or implicitly) that people generally react emotionally rather than logically, at this point and place in history.

            As far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t bode well for the unification of anyone or anything.

          • Number1Framer

            Point well taken. As I’ve stated before elsewhere, I do not think there are any good guys in the Bundy Ranch debacle. Turning it into a wedge issue ripe for squabbling over takes all of our eyes away from things I think everyone can agree are real threats to freedom regardless of political pedigree (TPP, Keystone XL landgrabs, escalating domestic militarism). And you’re exactly right, reducing the wedge issues to emotional shouting matches keeps real resistance from ever organizing around these gaping wounds to our sovereignty and civil liberties.

  • Cortacespedes

    Sorry to break this to you Cliven, but it’s not the “Lord” you’re “channeling”, it’s Evan Mecham.

  • Dingbert

    “‘I want it to be like it was growing up in the fifties. I want it to be just like that — for [the kids]. Though it can’t be just like that, because they have the internet.’
    ‘That’s what’s wrong: the Internet,’ agrees another.”


    • BrianApocalypse

      And then a couple of paragraphs later…


      and “Google MKUltra.”

  • misinformation

    For god’s sake, don’t you all have jobs?

    Make it stop…

  • Jonas Planck

    Now go forth, my flock! Go forth and force the genie of technological progress and societal evolution back into the bottle from whence it came! Go forth and destroy the past sixty years! Turn back the hands of time that we may once again return to the safety of our delusions and nobody will call us racist anymore! Bring back the innocence of an era where all the bad things in the world were hidden from our view so we didn’t have to think about them! God commands it! It is our destiny to retreat backwards to a time half imagined, that didn’t actually exist the way we remember it through the rose-tinted glasses of our nostalgia! The only way to save us from the future is to stop the future from ever taking place! Marty! It’s your kids, Marty! Something has to be done about your kids!!!

  • BrianApocalypse

    I haven’t really been following this story much.

    Is this real life? After reading that article I’m convinced these guys are just pranksters engaged in some kind elaborate performance art. That’s it, right? Caricatures like this can’t be real.

  • emperorreagan

    At the bunny ranch, the owner apparently gives out vouchers to people for $300…and expects that the women won’t apply the standard price scale AND takes the brothel’s normal cut of that $300.

    This has nothing to do with the bundy ranch other than being separated from the bunny ranch by 1 letter.

  • ÿ

    I say baloney.©
    Meg Whitman