Japanese Revelers Celebrate the Penis This Month

Pic: CC

Pic: CC

It’s Kanamara Matsuri time in Japan – Huffington Post has a gallery of photos for your perusal… Via HuffPo:

Held this year on April 6, the festival is a celebration of the penis and fertility. People parade gigantic phallic-shaped mikoshi (portable Shinto shrines) down the streets during the event, as revelers suck on penis lollipops, buy penis-themed memorabilia and pose with sculptures in the shape of — you guessed it — penises.

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  • Craig Bickford

    When is Vagina day?

  • BuzzCoastin

    this custom is probably related to the Shiva Lingam worship
    widely prevalent in pre-Buddhist Asia several thousand years ago
    butt wee aMerkins worship dicks too
    Dick Cheney being one fine example
    W. Bush another
    but our dicks are very destructive & infertile

    P.S.: & interesting non-reproducible foermatting glitch

  • Jonas Planck

    I’m noticing a trend here… is this related to the vernal equinox? A maypole thing? Part of the traditional fertility rites of the season?

    • Matt Staggs

      I found one penis story, and then when I saw another one I just couldn’t resist sharing it to create a micro trend. :)

  • Number1Framer

    Best Pic by far is the girl in the dick glasses.

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