Joe Lieberman on Obama Administration’s Assassination of 16 Year-Old American Citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki,

Via We Are Change

In this video Luke Rudkowski reconnects with Joseph Lieberman to follow up on their previous conversation about a known Al Qaeda terrorist dining at the Pentagon. The former Senator is asked to give his take on the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki’s 16 year-old son. Should there be more transparency with Obama’s drone bombs?


Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of
  • Guest

    Does “American Citizen” mean some dumbass kid hanging with Al-Qaeda, cause if so I couldn’t give a rat fuck about this whiney crap….

    • gregjons

      No it means American Citizen. No quotes. He was born in Denver, Colorado and lived in the states pretty much his whole life. Not to mention the fact that he was only 16 and had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda beyond his father being loosely and unprovenly involved.. Of course none of this means anything to you so why do I even bother. Chalk up another victory for the war on terra!

      • Guest

        lol you are a sucker

      • Stephen Balentine

        look up the guy and rethink life

    • HelloFeds

      Why don’t you read about it instead of just assuming something that isn’t true? it was a major news story when it happened and is discussed in detail in numerous books including Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill.

      • Guest

        assuming much yourself? How about reading something other than a blog in your life.

        • HelloFeds

          Since I just told you to read Dirty Wars, a fairly, ok, excessively long book, it is therefor somewhat more likely than not that I READ FUCKING BOOKS ALREADY.

          • Guest

            oh noes the all caps, you must have a real good point.

          • HelloFeds

            You should change your posting name to something more suitable… like maybe.. I don’t know…. Stephen Balentine?

          • Stephen Balentine

            ok mr Hello Feds, bravely posting under his real name……

          • Stephen Balentine

            “HelloFeds” is that an ethnic name?

          • Stephen Balentine

            gawd nobody gives a crap…

          • Echar Lailoken

            Sock puppet theater?

          • Stephen Balentine

            thanks to FB and google+ you can’t just tell some a-hole on the web something about giving rat-fuck’s with out them going “Huzzah it’s you Stephen Balentine” well all I can say now is I now don’t give a rat fuck about you knowing my real name. Special thanks to places that have delete buttons that only hide you name so you look like a wannabe ninja when really you were just erasing a rat fuck laden comment so the author didn’t have rat fucks all over his story, but oh well such is the internet

          • Stephen Balentine

            rat fuck given I suppose

          • HelloFeds

            Sorry I shouldn’t have outed you. FYI Discus was sending me email notifications with your real name. I’m sure there’s a way of changing that setting.

          • HelloFeds

            Now change it before you get on the bad side of one of our fearless authoritarian douchebag politicians and get drone bombed.

          • Echar Lailoken

            I reccommend that you sign up for a disqus account, if you wish to obscure your real name.

          • Stephen Balentine

            I was actually just interested removing my profanity, I’m ok with my real name and honest opinion but editing was a boring chore

          • Echar Lailoken

            Fucking swear all you like. We like that shit here!

          • sveltesvengali

            Don’t feed a troll.

    • Thurlow Weed

      Damn, dude, gregjons done told your 5 comments/6 votes ass!

  • BuzzCoastin

    Luke should change the organisation’s name to
    We Are Ballbusters

  • Number1Framer

    Back when I was a lil’ youngin’ who cared about nothing but video games, good old ‘Droopy Dog’ Joe was the first politician I ever learned to hate during his post-Columbine censorship crusades. The 90s were such a simpler time. Ah, memories…

  • Mr B

    Apparently, one can be for the troops, but against the war.

    Unless they’re resisting the U.S.; then the good old fashioned double-standard applies.

    I never see yellow ribbons for The Taliban.

  • no name

    Spoiler alert! Luke stutters at a wrinkled old man. Wrinkled old man says nothing of value in response. This is change. Fascinating.

  • wolfe23

    No… facts are what you might try to read within thee link you posted… try looking under “Family”… first listing…

    Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was reported to have gone out in the desert to
    search for his missing father but was sitting in a cafe when he was
    Human rights groups have raised questions as to why an American citizen
    was killed by the U.S. in a country with which the United States is not
    at war. Abdulrahman al-Awlaki had no connection to terrorism.[253]