Maryland Police Chief Cited Satirical “Mass Marijuana Deaths” News Story In Testimony Against Decriminalizion

Michael PristoopVia Reason, the evidence presented to the Maryland State Senate against legalizing marijuana earlier this year was a joke article informing that 37 people had overdosed and died on the first day of decriminalized weed in Colorado:

Testifying against marijuana legalization before the Maryland legislature, Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop warned of the potentially lethal consequences. “The first day of legalization, that’s when Colorado experienced 37 deaths that day from overdose on marijuana,” Pristoop told the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. “I remember the first day it was decriminalized there were 37 deaths.”

As Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-Montgomery) quickly pointed out, what Pristoop actually remembered was a joke story at The Daily Currant headlined “Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado on First Day of Legalization.”

Pristoop seemed taken aback that something he had seen in print might not be the literal truth. “If it was a misquote,” he told Raskin, “then I’ll stand behind the mistake. I’m holding on to information I was provided.”


  • Liam_McGonagle

    And this guy is authorized to use violence against civilians.

    • darren kis

      True story!

  • Groundskeeper Silly

    What a moron.

  • emperorreagan

    I hope he stands behind the mistake by hanging himself.

    • notalent

      What is wrong with you?

      • emperorreagan

        I assume you mean that I’m cheap?

        Tax dollars would pay for the bullet in his service weapon. Rope, on the other hand, he would have to buy himself. I favor frugality over expediency when tax dollars are factored in!

      • OakenTruncheon

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    • Justin_Khase

      Why emp – whatever do you mean ??? :^>

  • Dread Raider

    Cops have access to the same internet as we do. This is inexcusable.

    I have noticed a lot more demonizing of Marijuana in the news.
    It seems lately there has been a lot of the “Let’s wait and see because it might be dangerous” BS.
    The (Marihuana Tax Act of 1937) was 77 years ago.
    How long should patients suffer while those who are not in need wait and see, or take more time that they think they need to properly research it?

    This all goes way beyond what should be considered humane.

    Any good patriot can tell you this is an issue of Liberty being denied.

    • Anarchy Pony

      The research really has been done already anyway. More is just a waste of time.

      • Dread Raider


  • Juan

    Piggies ain’t too bright. Shocking, I know.

    • InfvoCuernos

      The truly frightening part is that this is a leader among those employed to make sure that justice has its due course. Imagine if these asshats think its ok to site internet mimes and Onion articles in order to obtain a search warrant, or just claim it as just cause for a search.

  • Woobniggurath

    Knowledge and reasoning get in the way of doing the job.

    • Juan

      Integrity and decency as well.

      • Echar Lailoken

        Taking orders requires none of the above.

        • emperorreagan

          One hopes that the person giving the orders, though, at least can say to himself:

          In all the years that I’ve been a cop, how many times have I shown up at a scene of a marijuana death?

          Have I ever shown up someplace where someone has to be dried out or taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning?

          Considering the answers to those two questions, maybe I should consider whether this article is legitimate before I use it to back a point…

          • Echar Lailoken

            I think it’s more a matter of getting paid, and less about what is or is not true.

            Look at how they benefit from confiscation of property. They often get the cars of drug dealers.

          • emperorreagan

            I don’t mean changing his position. He still could’ve gone up there and said ominous sounding bullshit like “we’re carefully monitoring the situation in Colorado to see what impacts it will have on law enforcement” or “we’re concerned that the legislature is considering this action without allowing more time to evaluate the legal and health ramification in Colorado…”

            I at least want the song and dance act to be a good show, but their monkey is too busy smearing poop on the wall.

          • Echar Lailoken

            Maybe it’s the mushroom cultivation approach. Keep ’em in the dark, and feed ’em shit?

    • OakenTruncheon

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  • Number1Framer

    Marihuana ODs are no joke. First time I walked in on one it scarred me for life. There was even blood on the CEILING! Wait, what are we talking about here?

  • BuzzCoastin

    plz don’t try to enlighten cops
    it only irritates them when they have to think
    they will tell if you ask them
    they are not paid to think

    this load is afraid his source of free weed will dry up
    and no more swat team joy rides

  • Dingbert

    Maybe he was secretly trying to discredit prohibitionists and protect his job by using satire for satire. Wishful thinking, I know.

  • P.Turner

    Even if this was true, there is a large amount of alcohol poisoning deaths yearly and it’s legal. I don’t see this same idiot cop trying to make alcohol illegal because of the risk of actually dying from it, and it’s a real issue, not some madeup nonsense.

  • GregForest

    I was killed by marijuana in 1969 when, just minutes after smoking one toke from a muggle/reafer, I started defecating my entrails. It was a horrible death, my worst.

    • OakenTruncheon

      As shimmering phenomena become frozen through diligent and critical practice, the viewer is left with a hymn to the outposts of our era.

    • thisbliss

      Me too I died and was reborn! I saw the light HALLELUJAH!!!

  • Truth Teller

    Anyone that is that stubbornly stupid and gullible anything about marijuana has no business being in law enforcement.

    This idiot should have his LEO certification revoked and spend the rest of his life working in the fast food industry.

  • OakenTruncheon

    “The enablers avoid weaknesses as a consequence of unparallelled improvement. Goal-directed gamifications drive the powerful champion.”

  • David Silva

    Ignorance and arrogance seem to go hand in hand.