Prepping for Revolution and Awakening with Comedian and Disinfonaut Lee Camp

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“I seriously doubt there’s ever been a time like this because things weren’t global… We are in the middle of some exciting times, they’re dangerous times, but it’s really fucking exciting that this many people can wake up and alter the way they live.  We’re looking at the greatest potential that human kind has ever seen in terms of technology and awareness, yet we’re on a path that’s fully and wholeheartedly not living up to that potential.  The gap between our reality and our potential is enormous, which could mean great things.  It could mean a real global awakening in a way.” -Lee Camp

All comedy is not created equal.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m always ready for (and often partaking in) some cheap chuckles facilitated by potty humor, but I have a deeper appreciation for the type of biting satire and commentary that actually opens your mind, forcing you to think whilst giggling.  

I’m no expert on the history of comedy, but there seems to be something more poignant stirring in the hearts of (some of) today’s comedians.  Maybe it was all made possible by trail-blazers like George Carlin and Bill Hicks.  Or, perhaps it’s a natural byproduct of the unbelievably troubled, yet amazing moment in history we dwell within.  Whatever the case, thank god for today’s satirists.  Their craft provides a truly valuable, yet digestible context for the crazy, revolution-ridden times we’re living in today.

As most Disinfonauts know, Lee Camp is a part of this silver-tongued coterie of counterculture comedians.  In his early days behind the mic, he was doing just fine for himself with more traditional material, but as he woke up to the injustice and hypocrisy running through society, he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.  Lee now puts out a razor-sharp weekly rant dubbed “Moment of Clarity,” via his YouTube channel, which boasts tens of thousands of subscribers.

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