Did Putin Blow Up the Whole Polish Government in 2010? A Second Look.

English: Fragments of TU-154 the Polish presid...

Fragments of TU-154 the Polish president at the crash site in Smolensk Русский: Фрагменты Ту-154 на месте авиакатастрофы самолета президента Польши в Смоленске (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This seems really convenient, and considering recent events. What’s your input Disinfonauts?


A plane crash at Smolensk in Russia four years ago wiped out the Warsaw leadership. It used to be seen as an accident. Now, after Putin’s games in Ukraine, people aren’t so sure.

Four years ago this week, Polish President Lech Kaczynski was killed in a plane crash near the Katyn Forest in Russia where he was flying to honor the 22,000 Polish officers, lawyers, priests and professors slaughtered there by the Soviets 70 years before. Ninety-five other military, political and public figures including his wife died on that plane. One of the more heartbreaking details to emerge was that First Lady Maria Kaczynska’s body could be identified only by her nail polish and the inscription inside her wedding ring.

Less than two years before the crash the late president had given a speech warning that if Russian aggression was not stopped in Georgia, which Russia had invaded, it would extend to Ukraine, the Baltics, and possibly Poland as well. “We are here to take up the fight,” he said. And many Poles still believe that their president died in the cause of that effort. Physicist Kazimierz Nowaczyk is one of them.

On April 10, 2010 at 10:41 a.m. Polish Air Force Flight 101 crashed several hundred meters short of the Smolensk runway in dense fog. Within hours the Russian government issued a statement citing the incident on pilot error. Russia’s final report on the incident blamed the late President Kaczyński and his “inebriated” air force commander-in-chief for using “psychological pressure” to force the Polish pilots to land in a low-visibility environment.




  • https://twitter.com/anti_euclidean ÿ

    If the Great Satan can get away with it, why not the Great Soviet?


  • Tchoutoye

    Putin receives warnings from western leaders all the time and he is known brush them off every time. I doubt one more warning from the Polish president would necessitate an assassination. The allegations are purely circumstantial. Without a smoking gun this just sounds like an attempt to smear Putin in the current lukewarm war, which is all about attempting to maintain the monopoly on the global trading currency through proxy incidents.

    • DrDavidKelly

      I agree. The lack of any ‘real’ motive here makes this conspiracy seem weak. Presently the most plausible idea is the one being put forward. If I were to blow up an aircraft I certainly wouldn’t do it 100m from the runway. I’d be more inclined to detonate at high altitude.

      • Vera

        I’m not really buying the conspiracy, but I’d say a decent enough motive would be the espionage-related benefits:

        “The plane’s black boxes, laptops, sensitive documents, mobile phones, address books, telephone numbers, correspondence, and the top-secret military, NATO and diplomatic codes on board were salvaged from crash site immediately by the Kremlin’s operatives in what was a “coup for Russia’s intelligence service” according to retired CIA analyst Gene Poteat. What Nowaczyk calls “years worth of work for security services” was completed in a single day by Russia’s OMON Special Purpose Police, which were immediately deployed to the site.”

        In conspiracy-theory-mode: if the data is your primary goal, ridding yourself of someone who’s recently spurned you is a nice icing for your plane-explosion cupcake.

        • DrDavidKelly

          Look it’s possible. But surrounding ourselves with possible benefits ie. getting the motive to fit the crime still doesn’t really add much weight. Unless we can conclusively join dots as opposed to tenuous links then it’s very hard to say it was orchestrated. The explosion theory is a good lead though. If they could establish conclusively that there was an explosion then we may be getting somewhere. If they could then go on to show the explosion was deliberate …

          • Vera

            I agree with you entirely.

          • DrDavidKelly

            Another indication of foul play is the cover-up. How they summarily disposed of the all the building material from the World Trade Centre or how the Dr David Kelly was sealed and no repeal was permitted. Don’t know if there is any evidence of this in this case? While we’re entertaining the idea I’m going out on a limb and saying that they never find MH370.

  • Kommie

    daily beast developed into little more than a neocon propaganda beast…..

  • Thurlow Weed

    Putin probably aimed the deeply classified Russian/North Korean energy beam weapon himself. That’s what he does, plus bear hunting.

  • overdone

    Funny, Bro. Elias should come up with this, just at the time the USA wants everyone to turn against Russia. Veeeeeery Strange, also interesting.
    And it strikes right to the heart of the CIA/NSA/DOD pet peeve…….’Putin’.
    ‘Cmon everybody jump on board, Putins the real Satin in the world. Not us! We’re just eavesdropping, destroying your civil rights, violating the Constitution so the USA will not become another Russia where life is so terrible the stories can’t be told. Stories of Police Brutalitiy, secret detentions, torture, government taking private property for personal use without just compensation, threatening people with unjust sentences to get them to say they comitted crimes, crooked judges, lawyers, police, government officials, some who take bribes, or commit crimes to make their fortunes using their office to protect themselves. Where laws are passed to aid a few at the detrement of the masses. All those things that never happen in the USA…………
    Thankx, Bro Elias for being on top of this for us. We all know this information was not available for investigation until last week. It was classified to protect the innocent until then.

    Just a thought………

    • Echar Lailoken

      Yeah, Brother Elias is so obviously a shill. Word on the street is he’s a government agent. Keep fighting the good fight!