Sangreal, The Cosmic Grail: The Secret Abides – Part 12 (Final Chapter)


Photo credit Anthony Spencer

Photo credit Anthony Spencer

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This article will be the final installment in this series exploring the hidden science of the Holy Grail. There is a great deal more that could be said and at some point additional information will be forthcoming. For now I believe I have sketched the broad outlines and provided some insight into what this science is about. I have emphasized the cosmic symbolism woven into and throughout the narratives. The association with matters celestial issues inexorably from the Grail narratives themselves. It is not surprising that many of the symbolic implications have up until this point gone unappreciated and overlooked by mainstream scholars who have been trained in literary exegesis but who have generally lacked the familiarity with astronomy and other sciences that would allow their recognition of a very specific underlying meaning.

There are parallels to our evolving knowledge of sacred architecture,in which the astronomical and symbolical associations are crucial to understanding the meaning and function of the ancient temples and holy structures. This cosmic association is the constant throughout the realm of sacred architecture, whether it manifests as Stonehenge and the megalithic structures of Neolithic Europe, or the vast temple complexes of Egypt, Sumeria, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, the elegant temples of Greece, the monumental earthworks of North America, or the magnificent cathedrals of Gothic Europe. In all of these astronomy was paramount, a central theme of their design and construction.

Sacred sites all employing archeoastronomy, sacred geometry and sacred geodesy

Sacred sites, all of which employ archeoastronomy, sacred geometry and sacred geodesy in their construction.

Should we be surprised that the cosmic dimension appears in and informs the varied sacred writings of the world as well, including the medieval Grail romances? Throughout this series of articles I have been developing the idea that the cosmic domain was an intrinsic part of the consciousness of numerous cultures throughout history, and likely deep into prehistory as well.

I have suggested that part of what is concealed within the tales of the Grail Quest is an encoded science of planetary, social and individual regeneration which, in many respects, parallels and complements the hidden teachings of Alchemy. The achievement of the Grail Quest yields the same outcome as the successful accomplishment of the Hermetic work, the production of the Philosophers Stone and the subsequent regeneration of the Alchemist. With success in the Grail quest, not only is the debilitated king healed of his infirmity, so is the wasteland healed of its blight and nature restored to health and vigor, fertility and fecundity replenished.

Do the teachings of the Grail inform us that there exists, from ancient times, a science devoted to the restoration of terrestrial nature in the wake of cosmic catastrophe? Does the obsession with the astronomical realm found universally throughout all ancient cultures result from the fact that periodically the cosmic domain impinges upon this earthly domain here below, and that this experience was indelibly imprinted upon the collective mind and memory of our ancestors? Is it also possible that the ancient teachings might inform us as to the frequency and timing of these cosmic incursions?

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