Sarcasm and Disillusionment in the New Age Subculture

In this episode of the Maraya Karena Show, Maraya confronts the “Shit New Age Girls Say” meme, the troubling spot in which the new age/spiritual subculture finds itself, and the parallels to what has happened in other Western subcultures.

Cuz this new age girl’z got shit to SAY!

(I’ve never heard of this particular meme, so I’ve included this video of reference – Matt S.)

  • Hoarfraust

    So over the New Age. OMGee!

  • Thurlow Weed

    In the video when Maraya used the phrase “going to hell in a handbag” I had to hit the emergency escape button because my spaceship had burst into flames.

  • ndmeador

    Yeah Matt, I guess I should have called the meme the “Shit [a Certain Stereotyped People] Say.” 😉

  • Juan

    I know people like this. The crunchy New Age types. They are unavoidable on the medicine trail. Like anything else, they are a mixed bag. Some cool people, some not so much, some walking cliches.

    • Echar Lailoken

      I knew some new age types. None were trying that hard. My friends mom was way into it. She was a psychic, and had all the bric-a-brac. Awesome crystals and etc. Although when she was dying of cancer, I found it tough to be around her because of her beliefs. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I thought the power of prayer and the other other “alternative” treatments are BS. The last thing a dying person needs is a nay-sayer. She was a neat lady with an open mind. More so than mine.

      • Juan

        When I say I know people like this, many of them are friends and people I like.
        I ain’t hatin, just having a laugh, maybe even laughing at myself a bit.

        • Echar Lailoken

          No I got that. I was just sharing my experience. I haven’t met any new-agers that were as pretentious as the people in those videos though. But, if it works for them it doesn’t matter what others think.

  • Juan

    Funny, I just found this, courtesy of Odd Edges.
    It’s the handy dandy New Age Bullshit Generator.
    Check it out:)

    • Andrew

      Useful, but I’ve reionized electrons several times and there’s been no mention of shamanism or gnosis. I’m a bit disappointed.

      • Juan

        Perhaps you need to align your chakras and energize your astral body for full effect.

        • Andrew

          Where’s the button for that?

          • Juan

            It’s your third eye; your pineal gland. You activate it with a huge dose of your favorite entheogen.
            At least that’s how I do it.

          • Echar Lailoken

            We are being called to explore the totality itself as an interface between insight and beauty.

          • Juan

            Through astral projection, our hearts are enveloped in intuition. As you believe, you will enter into infinite life-force that transcends understanding.

          • Monkey See Monkey Do

            This story never ends. It is a sign of things to come. We must learn how to lead conscious lives in the face of materialism.

            Discontinuity is born in the gap where curiosity has been excluded.

            We are at a crossroads of passion and bondage. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the quantum cycle via bio-electricity. Our conversations with other dreamers have led to a summoning of hyper-Vedic consciousness.

            It is time to take purpose to the next level. Eons from now, we
            warriors will self-actualize like never before as we are guided by the world. Soon there will be an unveiling of potential the likes of which the quantum matrix has never seen.

  • Camron Wiltshire
    • Camron Wiltshire

      “The cosmos is the path to the progressive expansion of actions”

  • Camron Wiltshire

    It’s times like this when I understand Jan Irvin’s rage most keenly.

  • Singe

    This person sounds like Summer from Rick & Morty.