A Songdream Fractal

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Jamie of The Nexian shares a DMT experience, with musings on the role bio-acoustics may play within ecosystems:

It was an early fall morning in the Pacific Northwest when a tiny rainforest frog presented me with a profound lesson. I had been out on one of my regular walks, this time surveying the land around a local horse stable in search of active tryptamine-containing plants and fungi.  We had just received rainfall, and everything was wet, vibrant, and glowing. This is when the rainforest really comes to life.  The raindrops pooling together on waxy leaves, shimmering like jewels cascading down waterfalls to the forest floor, bringing with them life. Once satisfied with my foray into the world of entheogenic wildcrafting, I wandered off aimlessly into the trees. Here in the deep old-growth rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, it is very easy to lose oneself in the ambiance of sounds and colors. The biological density and diversity of such a system is astounding for those who are privileged enough to be graced with its presence. There is a deep coherence present within intact ecosystems: a union between the dynamic processes taking place and the homeostatic balance that weaves each individual process into a coherent symphony. Like cells in a body, animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms and non-biological mineral beings all play a pivotal role in holding together the living matrix that weaves into being the dreaming of the great planetary mother we call Earth. We too, have arisen within this system.

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