Texas Family Wins Big Lawsuit Against Frackers

PIC: Ostroff Law (CC)

PIC: Ostroff Law (CC)

A Texas ranching family was awarded nearly $3 million in a lawsuit against Aruba Petroleum, a company running a fracking operation near their property. Health problems began to occur soon after. Ranchers fighting a powerful entity engaged in an ethically ambiguous enterprise? I’m sure that Cliven Bundy’s pals will be lauding their victory. Right? Right?

Via the LA Times?

In a landmark legal victory that centered on fracking, a middle-class north Texas ranching family won nearly $3 million from a big natural gas company whose drilling, they contend, caused years of sickness, killed pets and livestock, and forced them out of their home for months.

Tuesday’s $2.95-million civil verdict by a six-person Dallas jury is thought to be the first of its kind in the nation. Other landowners have sued over drilling and reached settlements, but legal experts think this is the first jury verdict.

Robert and Lisa Parr filed suit against Aruba Petroleum Inc. in 2011, contending that its operations near their land had contaminated the air and harmed their health. Their lawsuit has been closely watched by both critics and supporters of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which involves pumping water laced with chemicals into shale formations to unlock trapped oil and gas.

“I am just overwhelmed,” Lisa Parr said in a telephone interview Wednesday. “I feel like I am just this little bitty girl, this little family who just beat the biggest, most powerful industry in the world.”

Aruba Petroleum, based in Plano, Texas, said it had done nothing wrong and had operated within safe and legal guidelines. “We contended the plaintiffs were neither harmed by the presence of our drilling operations nor was the value of their property diminished because of our natural gas development,” Aruba said in a statement.

The company said it would appeal.

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  1. BuzzCoastin | Apr 28, 2014 at 3:20 pm |

    the only winners in this are the lawyers and the court biz
    fracking will continue unabated
    $3 mill is chump change for fukin frackers

    wanna stop fracking?
    stop using oil
    don’t know how to stop using oil?
    gee, I wonder why

    • When they sink California by fracking on the San Andreas fault, at least there will be legal precedence for a Large Cash Payout™.

    • Fracking is mainly used for natural gas, not petroleum. It’d actually be fairly easy to stop using natural gas and we should. All things considered, it’s less safe and sustainable than coal, which is saying something. I myself don’t use it for anything. Except, you know, ~36% of my electricity.

      • BuzzCoastin | Apr 29, 2014 at 1:31 am |

        stop using oil the price falls below gas
        gas is hard to boycott butt oil is not
        not that a majority of folk give a crap onewayortheother
        since fracking doesn’t yet piss in their personal soup

    • I tried to stay away from “Occupy” for reasons I think are obvious but one of the few times I did go over to Santa Rosa Occupy there Michael Rupert was speaking… I made it a point to inform a few “sign wavers” of the hypocrisy in showing up in SUVs to protest The Oil Industry.

  2. What happens when petroleum rights meet property rights?

    …I don’t think the modern justice system is prepared for this division…

    • Its going to be such a powerful collision I predict a black hole may form as a result of it and swallow the entire solar system and we will be transported to one of the other universe’s in the multiverse

      • …so you’re saying mÿ bug-out boat and current* mountain/future waterfront property is still at threat…?

        I don’t think I can handle anything more complicated than a boat…

        Hmmm… maybe if I could somehow leave a gigantic footprint of personal information on deh interwebz & then write an algorithm, ÿ can live on in some digital fishbowl on the one way trip to…Earth…???

        • Yep im already in the process of uploading digital Aaron to the interweb. Then I can live forever and harass people at will by popping up on their screen randomly like before popup blockers were invented.

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