US Government Confirms It Has Been Conducting Warantless Searches of Americans’ Communications



It has always been assumed that these kinds of searches were taking place, but this is the first time that the government has confirmed so. Don’t worry though: Obama says he’ll review some of these programs to determine whether the government should be conducting this kind of surveillance.

Via USA Today:

The Obama administration has conducted warrantless searches of Americans’ communications as part of the National Security Agency’s surveillance operations that target foreigners located outside of the U.S., the administration’s top intelligence official confirmed in a letter to Congress disclosed Tuesday.

These searches were authorized by a secret surveillance court in 2011, but it was unclear until Tuesday whether any such searches on Americans had been conducted.

The recent acknowledgement of warrantless searches on Americans offers more insight into U.S. government surveillance operations put in place after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The government has broadly interpreted these laws to allow for the collection of communications of innocent Americans, practices the Obama administration maintains are legal. But President Obama has promised to review some of these programs to determine whether the government should be conducting this type of surveillance at all.

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  • misinformation


    “I worked for the United States’ Central Intelligence
    Agency. The National Security Agency. The Defense Intelligence Agency. I
    love my country, and I believe that spying serves a vital purpose and
    must continue.” – Edward Snowden, written testimony to the European Parliament

  • BuzzCoastin

    just saw a story today
    where google reported finding kiddie porn in a gmail account
    and reported it to the local cops
    including his street address
    Microchip Hotmale just promised to quit reading your email
    The Cloud is a surveillance vacuum
    Uncle Homeland is one among many

  • Apathesis

    The NSA Emblem is looking more sinister with each passing day.