What Is ‘WaveOfAction’?

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Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of WeAreChange.org.

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  1. Tchoutoye | Apr 6, 2014 at 3:40 am |

    No disrespect to the interviewees, but the Wave of Action website is conspicuous for it’s lack of content and focus. Instead we get references to unspecified change in the same way that Obama abused the term in his 2008 campaign. It reeks of a manufacturing of dissent.

  2. Who were you advocating killing in gun rampages when Huffington’s moderators decided that they couldn’t “handle your truth?”

    • Ron Chandler | Apr 6, 2014 at 7:13 pm |

      There’s a long list. You know who they are; they’re in plain sight. When State installs textbook Nazis in Ukraine, you don’t need a Who’s Who to work it out.

  3. New Monkey | Apr 6, 2014 at 3:08 pm |

    The guy with the beard has got it right – change must first be internal, and then people will be drawn towards you. And it has to all be about love.
    You can’t hate ‘them’ coz then you’re playing the same game – the ‘us’ and the ‘them’… Just be as compassionate as you can to the people around you and don’t subscribe to the bullshit set of values that you know in your heart is wrong…. if enough people did this then the whole disgusting system would cave in without a shot being fired…
    The only possible revolution is within… the time is NOW the place is HERE…

    • Agreed, enough with the hate and violence.
      It’s hard not to get pissed off at the “panorama of delravity” Ron Chandler put it.
      But, playing the violence game is exactly what the sate wants and requires to keep itself in existence.

      • So (unlike typical Disinfonians) you both repudiate those skinheads loyal to Bush & Obama, who bombed: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia & Pakistan, in the 21st century?

        • I can only speak for myself; of course, I am against very single military intervention you mentioned. I am also against the ones I don’t know about.
          The bastards are also up to their old tricks in Latin America as well. All of it needs to stop, but it won’t until this Empire is dead.

    • As long as you’re talking about Dionysus, we’re all good…


    • Thurlow Weed | Apr 6, 2014 at 4:44 pm |

      You’d so well at an AA meeting.

  4. marshall | Apr 6, 2014 at 3:17 pm |

    This waveofchange is t-total hot-fire-burning bullshit. They are going to target recruiting stations, which I work at one as a recruiter in the Army, and do anti military protests. Protesting is well within everyone’s right, but protesting the very people who protect that right? That’s like being pissed at your car and crashing it on purpose because it gets you where you need to go every day. Don’t these assholes know who the first people will be to protect their freedoms from any kind of tyranny? The fucking military, that;s who. We all swear oaths to protect the people and the constitution. Man, fuck these assholes.

    • Yes, tell us all about how killing people in foreign countries whose names you don’t know because you’re ordered to protects freedom and promotes security.

      • Excellent comment Andrew.

      • Wow, your’e not a total douche at all! I’ve never killed anyone, but I did help to train and build the first training camp for the first female officers of the Afghan Army in Afghanistan’s history. And, I trained over 2,400 Afghan soldiers how to defend their country against totalitarian assholes. Go fuck yourself, and when your’e done, you can re-evaluate how much of a comfortable first world douche you are, and thank me.

  5. New Monkey | Apr 6, 2014 at 5:08 pm |

    If I can’t dance then I don’t want to be part of it

  6. Judging by comments here, it’s all a lost cause anyway, but this seems like another load of ineffectual crap. Notice what isn’t talked about, anywhere, by anyone associated: electing third parties into office. The only actual democratic alternative is simply omitted. This will be another bout of sign waving and feel good mantras and NOTHING WILL CHANGE, not a God damned thing.

    I’m inclined to agree with GW’s Blog and Chossudovsky that this is more psyops than protest. It misleads the angry outsiders into pointless, fruitless exercises and dissipates their energy. If everyone who attended an Occupy rally had made a determined effort to sign up people for the Green Party, they could have turned elections around at the local and state levels. But camping in a park and pretending they’ve changed civilization was the drug of the day. Apparently it still is.

    • If everyone who attended an Occupy rally had made a determined effort to sign up people for the Green Party, they could have turned elections around at the local and state levels.

      In what state/town do you live where this qualifies as something other than sheer wishful thinking?

      I was on the ground in San Francisco when the Democratic Party sent in Al Gore and Bill Clinton to stump for Gavin Newsom; effectively dealt Matt Gonzalez and the Green Party a killing blow. That was 2003. Add to that the widely believed disinformation about Nader’s spoiler roll in 2000, and you have a walking corpse. Cynthia McKinney was an ace choice in 2008; too bad the party was past the expiration date.

      What should be obvious by now to anyone who has seriously investigated the possibility of “third parties” in American Politics is that the corporations own the system, lock and key. The two-headed beast that is the “two party system” is the gatekeeper. Even if you get a smattering of “preferred” candidates elected, they are either quickly co-opted or legislatively minimized. Witness any Democrat who can even vaguely be legitimately referred to as “left leaning”. Or Bernie Sanders. What is the point of this?

      You seem to feel confident you have all the answers though, so what’s next?

      • Ron Chandler | Apr 8, 2014 at 9:44 am |

        Don’t give up. Join the United Front Against Austerity, and look for candidates such as Randy Credico running for New York mayor, on the Tax Wall Street platform, just for instance.
        Point is MAKE A DEMAND. Have an agenda. Elect, or be, a leader: Don’t float around banging on about, ‘We don’t have leaders, we don’t have an aim.’! This BS is exactly vwhat the insiders cooked up for adolescents and dreamers to fall into. Green Party? Great! That Green Party lady who ran for Philadelphia mayor had an agenda: to stop all foreclosures. That’s a demand.

        • ‘We don’t have leaders, we don’t have an aim.’!

          To me, that was the strength of Occupy. Hard to co-opt or manage when there are no leaders to buy-off/discredit or single issues that can be reframed as a giveaway to the corporatocracy…

        • “But yes, I have largely given up on ‘democracy’.”

          Not sure why you put it in quotation marks. But if your own solution is anarchy, you’re not about to get anywhere in a modern nation state. Democracy or bust. If you fail to pursue a system that represents the will of the people then you acquiesce to fascism, and that is unacceptable to me. I find the people who tolerate fascism almost as loathsome as the fascists themselves, for they are accomplices.

          So you may not like the Green Party, or that party’s structure may be compromised and unable to meet the demands of the disenfranchised. That doesn’t mean democracy and democratic principles have no place in the world.

          It means that you (and these ineffectual protest movements) have failed to work toward democratic representation and have given the advantage over to the fascists. They have given up, and things are devolving accordingly as anyone could predict.

          The people in power don’t give a flying flagnod if you stand in a park holding a sign. They never will. No sleep is lost; don’t kid yourself. Either rally the vote and replace them, or STFU. The rest is hot air.

          • Democracy is only a word, and its “results” hence forth are not terribly compelling.

            The Internet jukebox is the perfect analogy for the issues we face with capitalist democracy: any asshole with money has more votes than U.

            -BrokeAssStuart (via Twitter)

            …I can submit a link for the quote too, if that’s now become a necessary standard for sharing conversational tidbits now.

            Until you change the way money works, you change nothing.
            -Michael C. Ruppert (via Collapse)

            You want my one demand? A fair currency. Failing grades to all that exist presently (not solely my judgment, here).

          • Democracy is much more than a word as you claim. It is a social contract. Its results have been quite varied over time, and what strikes me about most of these sweeping statements from the pessimists is how little historical context comes to bear on their reasoning. People have struggled for hundreds of years to get where we are today, and that is pretty damned far in terms of what life is like in most of the world today.

            This may come as some kind of shock to you, as from Mars, but you live in a very rich empire where even the poor live well beyond the means of most of the world’s inhabitants. Things aren’t nearly so bad here as presumed, and most of the people here like it the way it is, the status quo. That is why a two-party system endures. People show up to vote for those assholes. These people, your general public, realize that they have something to lose, that is the several centuries of progress that democracy has bestowed upon us.

            We have a social safety net, some measure of law and public safety. These things exist because of democratic struggles when times were much more bleak and desperate.

            I’m not sure if the wild eyed radical segment understands a single word I just typed. That is why their strategies are ineffectual and out of step with reality. You can yell negative slogans all day long, but they are still going to run America their way, and you are still going to be struggling to survive.

            Democracy is quite important and the only legitimate way to change this society. Unless you have the people on your side, you will not be changing anything. Grow up and understand where it is you live and why things are the way they are.

            Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s the way I see it. Prove me wrong (as opposed to baseless ad hominem claims). Sixty million people showed up to re-elect Obama. You need to start understanding these people and getting them on your side. There is no 99% / 1% dichotomy. That is a myth, a concocted marketing meme. Real politics is a lot more grey and a lot more complex.

      • Granted I live in a small city, where half the country lives, btw. People outside the system get elected to many positions at the local level. You should know this. They have a term for this: “grass roots.”

        What you’re saying is that you have given up on democracy. You can concoct excuses all day long for why past efforts haven’t succeeded. And then do nothing.

        If your movement believes in democracy (as has been stated by many) then it believes in getting elected and representing the people. If not, then it’s not a democratic movement. And I do believe that is the point I’ve made repeatedly.

        So go camp in a park. Get tear gassed. Get arrested. Whatever. Don’t assume it’s going to improve the world. Don’t assume you represent 99% of the rest of us either.

        • Just FYI, I think the WaveOfAction is ineffective nonsense at best, and a psyop at worst. I thought Occupy was an intriguing concept for the first couple of months, but it was clear that it needed to grow in order to effect any actual change.

          But yes, I have largely given up on “democracy”. Partially because technically, we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a Constitutional Republic, with at best representative democracy. The other side of it is, an elected official that is subject to the will of the population on only a general basis once every year, two, or four is unlikely to ever truly represent their electorate’s actual interests.

          If your only suggestion is to place new people to be corrupted into a thoroughly corrupt system, I’m not seeing where you actually have a new idea to contribute.

          Since you said “Green” and not “Libertarian”, that probably puts us closer ideologically than would be apparent at first glance given the exchange. That said, one of the co-founders of the California Green Party quit and rejoined the Democrats several years back. If high profile Greens are calling it quits, and they’re already persona non grata in the electoral process, what hope does any “left leaning” movement actually have in the United States given present conditions.

          And no, sorry, not excuses. Facts on the ground. Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity: see “grassroots politics”.

  7. Matt Staggs | Apr 7, 2014 at 12:19 pm |

    I’m more into “Wave of Mutilation”, Personally. http://youtu.be/BihjWa47WuM

  8. Wow, 2 days, and I’m the only up voter for a Crass lyric on disinfo?

    Maybe @disqus_oTr7NTMP4L:disqus is on to something…

  9. Ron Chandler | Apr 8, 2014 at 9:30 am |

    Dr Webster Griffin Tarpley refers to this as the Worldwide Wave of Dupes, Cretins, and Brain-Damaged Anarchists. He has a way with words, doesn’t he?
    “Stupid, Oedipal, Generic Nonsense. This is WORSE than Occupy”
    You come to this page because you ‘get’ disinfo. And then some fool mounts this lame hippie video, goofs acting out ridiculous autistic catchphrases someone wrote in a rock song, and this is political consciousness? Cass Sunstein is behind this cognitive infiltration, you suckers. He’s gonna roll over you, crashing your ‘pad’ with a SWAT team and you’ll spend your days in a Fusion Centre black hole, wondering what hit you.

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