May 2014

New York film director Scott Cummings needs help to complete the “totally weird, batshit, hardcore film” he made while “embedded” with Buffalo, NY’s Juggalo community. Here’s his description of the concept:

I wanted the film to be like an artifact from a lost civilization – like finding a VHS tape on the side of the road intercut with a slasher movie, porn, Paul McCarthy’s Heidi, and backyard wrestling. Everyone in the film is a Juggalo unless noted. All non-Juggalos are Juggalo-affiliated. I would say with much confidence that it is the first film like this that has been made with Juggalos.

For something that so many cultural conservatives obsess over, there’s surprisingly little agreement over what constitutes sodomy. As it turns out, if you and your partner have sex on state lines, you…