Academics Dream of Electric Sex Workers

Photo by Gnsin (CC)

Photo by Gnsin (CC)

Be careful what you wish for, is what I’d say to these eggheads. From Pando Daily:

Sex robots are not as far away from reality as you might think. From butt clenching muscles to dancing humanoids, there’s enough developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and human skin rendering that if put together, could make a fairly humanoid sexbot.

None such bots exist yet, aside from clunky primitive ones like TrueCompanion’s Roxxxy, but that hasn’t stopped a group of British academics from furiously debating the future implications of the sex robot industry.

Yes, a group of stodgy, mostly British scholars is contemplating the future of sex, specifically how technology might transform it. Damn does that sound more exciting than “Theorizing Modern Capitalism: Controversies and Interpretations” which is the kind of crap I studied in college.

Computer scientist David Levy in 2007 pioneered the discussion, with a book titled Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships. He’s convinced that sex robots will be huge in the future, wrongly predicting way back in 2009 that sex robots would happen “fairly soon.” This year, he even convinced the British Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behavior to devote an entire track of the four day annual convention to a symposium on love and sex with robots.

Then there’s Michael Hauskeller, Associate Professor from the University of Exeter, who is working on a book about “Sex and the Posthuman Condition,” based on this original paper, with plans to publish in summer 2014.  

There’s Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars, a futurist and a sexologist respectively from New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington, who penned a paper in the journal Futures, arguing that robots would be safe for prostitution clients and would reduce human trafficking…

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12 Comments on "Academics Dream of Electric Sex Workers"

  1. sounds like some very expensive masturbation to me.

    • JohannaHolkhamred321 | Jun 1, 2014 at 5:14 pm |

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  2. erte4wt4etrg | May 31, 2014 at 2:00 pm |

    Pretty sure you can already masturbate with sex robots

  3. HowardBrazee | May 31, 2014 at 5:34 pm |

    I’m thinking of Dick’s story “Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep”. At least the title.

  4. Anarchy Pony | May 31, 2014 at 6:29 pm |

    I wonder if this would drive the cost of real human prostitution up or down. Would human prostitutes become a niche luxury type of thing? Or would they no longer be in demand?

    • InfvoCuernos | May 31, 2014 at 9:00 pm |

      robot hookers probably will be expensive at first, but they might be able to flood the market. I wonder what the law will say about it. I can imagine that women’s rights groups could argue for or against it. One thing is for sure, if you have a realistic robot that takes in the can(so to speak) and doesn’t have disease concerns, you might just have a money generating robot. One more job lost to robots.

      • i could see them initially being attempted to be regulated as top-of-the-line sex-toys

        • InfvoCuernos | Jun 1, 2014 at 10:06 pm |

          I can envision them being so expensive at first that adult movie theaters might rent out booths where you could utilize one, and then someone could clean up the mess after and sterilize everything. That would be a real bad job.
          Just playing that out in my head, I realize that a problem might arise from customers beating on or otherwise abusing these sexbots, thinking that they can act out their sadistic urges against them since they aren’t human, and then breaking the sexbot. This means that the robot pimps will need to take a deposit prior to use, and inspect each sexbot afterwords. That might give rise to domestic violence. There is already a cry from women’s rights groups against porn because of the violence (slapping, spitting, choking) portrayed. Imagine how the numbers would go up if men have access to lifelike fuckbots that they can beat and throttle and slap all week, then spend time with a real womon on a weekend.

      • “Takes it in the can . . .” Brilliant. Wish I could up-vote this more than once:)

  5. BuzzCoastin | May 31, 2014 at 8:02 pm |

    Jackie Treehorn: Interactive erotic software.
    The wave of the future, Dude. One hundred percent electronic!

    The Dude: Yeah well, I still jerk off manually.

  6. annoying you | Sep 23, 2014 at 8:12 am |

    replicants and boomers, oh my….

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