Butterfly On The Wheel

nypd_watchingMost recently, we have seen this excessive punitive force aimed, with a deliberate intent that only the most willfully blind apologists could deny, at those who have defied the system’s authority. — Joe Macacre

In a recent op-ed piece at Truthout on Cecily McMillan being found guilty of assaulting NYPD officer and general shitheel Grantly Bovell, Joe Macare provides a powerful, poignant, and enraging account of some of the latest injustices committed by the state against the least protected citizens it could find.  Cecily McMillan’s case is simply the most recent example of police, judges, and district attorneys blatantly abusing the justice system to protect its own officers and to criminalize those who dared to fight back.

Via Truthout: 

Just shy of half a century later, we cannot count the butterflies who have been put upon the wheel of “justice” in supposedly civilized, democratic, “free” countries like the United Kingdom and United States. The “butterfly upon a wheel,” first conjured up by 18th century poet Alexander Pope, endures as a striking metaphor for what happens when a government uses its criminal justice system punitively and for political reasons against individuals who cannot hope to marshal anything like equivalent resources with which to defend themselves.

While it may appear that they have been targeted for their personal drug use, more often, that has been merely an excuse; they have actually been targeted for being poor, and/or black, or otherwise determined as disposable by those in power and too many in our societies. In cases like those of Marissa Alexander, Patreese Johnson and CeCe McDonald, they have been targeted in a way that seems almost designed to illustrate – when set against the cases of George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn – who is granted permission to engage in “self defense” and who is not.

Most recently, we have seen this excessive punitive force aimed, with a deliberate intent that only the most willfully blind apologists could deny, at those who have defied the system’s authority.




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5 Comments on "Butterfly On The Wheel"

  1. Anarchy Pony | May 16, 2014 at 12:13 pm |

    Compare systems of authority to the abusers in abusive relationships. The parallels are incredible.

  2. “Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?”

    Well anyone who wants to make an example out of that person to prove a point or scare future dissidents or anyone thinking about exposing the truth would definitely do this.

  3. BuzzCoastin | May 16, 2014 at 12:47 pm |

    which is why in Duh Homeland
    it is appropriately referred to as:
    The Criminal Justice System

  4. Ron Chandler | May 19, 2014 at 12:07 pm |

    This is a lame argument. Did no-one in America note the LACK of violence at Cliven Bundy’s demo, where the protesters carried shouldered arms, and prevailed against heavily-armed feds? Did no-one work out yet that your gutless bully cop is not keen to attack anyone capable of striking back, and that you have the right to bear arms?
    Occupy chose not to do so, knowing that police brutality would be the inevitable result. No demands, no leaders, no aims – someone set you up for total failure.
    Conclusion: you folks are just not grown up, or capable of logical thought (odd, since most of Occupy were presumably uni students).
    Or, have a look at Crimea, where Vicky Nuland’s favorite Kiev Nazis were surrounded by local militias and escorted to the border. A referendum was then carried out peacefully, apart from 2 Pravy Sektor sniper killings, (one suspect caught), amid throngs of militia who simply preculded any bad behavior. Yanks, wake up and watch the Russians. You’ll pick up a lot.

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