You Have Dormant Primal Powers. This Guy Can Unleash Them.

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“You can blend respectfully and mindfully with your environment as you move. This is a high level of mindfulness requested here. In my opinion, this is a physical manifestation and experience of my spirit… I would even say it’s a spiritual experience of my body.”

Do me a favor- stand up. No problem, right? Now walk around. That’s pretty easy, huh? Next, smash the nearest wad of food into your mouth hole. Isn’t this fun? Ok, sit down, look at the screen, and you’re done! Sound familiar? I know to me it does. I practice that sequence of movements with devoutly religious regularity. I’m going to make a tremendously presumptuous leap and assume that you do the same. Isn’t it sad that the mediocrity of our physical habits is that god damn obvious? Yet, if you’re lucky enough to be a normal-ish, healthy-ish human being you’ve got some serious untapped potential.

Think about what it took to get our sorry asses to the cushion they’re on- our ancestors had to do some pretty epic forest-dwelling, so remaining physically sound and in tune with their environment was an absolute necessity. If they couldn’t forage, hunt, fight off enemies and keep the blood line going through some good old-fashioned humping, you wouldn’t even be here right now.  But we are here, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably wasting the gifts you’ve been given.

Ok, so what does “wasting” it look like?  Well clearly that’s up for debate, so let’s defer to someone who has a very highly developed answer to that query.

Enter Erwan Le Corre.

Is it just me, or was that way more awesome than going to the gym to bench press some useless amount of weight while some roided-out dude comments on your poor technique? Don’t get me wrong, the gym is just fine and most of us can’t dive into nature often enough to ever be able to do what just happened in that video. But, believe it or not, everything you just saw has real technique that you can learn. In fact, Le Corre has dedicated his life to understanding and mastering the technique of natural human movement and now he’s spreading what he’s learned like the gospel.

If you’re like me and you need more a little more inspiration to get into some trees, or at least off your ass, learn more about Erwan and his MovNat system at their site and in this podcast.

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  1. i did not understand anything
    i am nothing
    i am just a beast

  2. very good, BUT we are minds in flesh bodie

  3. we are just brains with flesh bodies…

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