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[disinfo ed.’s note: the following is an excerpt from: Unconventional Flying Objects: A Former NASA Scientist Explains How UFOs Really Work by Paul R. Hill.]

Only a couple of major points will be made about the humanoid UFO occupants. This section will therefore be brief. However, the subject is well worth more study than can be devoted to it in a single section or in an entire book. The reader is advised to make a study of this subject on his own for the double reward of basic education plus fascinating entertainment. Here is surely a case where truth is stranger than fiction. Only by the digestion of considerable occupant data can anyone get the proper feel for, and a balanced view of, the entire UFO panorama.

  1. A.       Sample Data


Anatomy of a Phenomenon (Vallee 77) reports the following story that took place in the French countryside on September 26, 1954:

The little dog began to bark and howl miserably. [A woman] saw it standing in front of something that looked like a scare­ crow. But going closer she saw that the scarecrow was some sort of small diving suit, made of translucent plastic material. Behind the blurred transparency of the helmet, two large eyes were staring out at her. The suit began to move toward her with a kind of quick, waddling gait. She uttered a cry of terror and took to the fields.

Looking back, she saw a big metallic object, circular and rather flat, rise behind some nearby trees, move off toward the northeast with considerable speed, gaining altitude as it did so.

Neighbors gathered quickly and at the spot where the object had risen, they found a circle, ten or so feet in diameter, where the shrubs had been crushed. Trees at the edge of this imprint had some branches broken and bark rubbed off, and the wheat in the direction of takeoff was flattened out in radiating lines. The original witness was found in a state of nervous collapse. She was put to bed where she remained for two days…


The following incident took place in  Caracas,  Venezuela, at 2:00 A.M. on November 28, 1954 (Edwards, Flying Saucers: Serious Business, 101). Panel truck driver Gustavo Gonzales and his  helper  Jose  Ponce  were  leaving  Caracas on  their  way  to  Petare  for  a  load  of  food  for  the Caracas morning markets. Jogging along a street on the outskirts of Caracas, they found their way blocked by a glowing disk-like object hovering about six feet above the street.  It was about ten feet  in  diameter.

Gonzales stopped the truck and the two sat and stared, dumbfounded. On a common impulse, they got down from the cab and walked forward to investigate. When about 25 feet from the hovering craft, they found they were being approached by an occupant, a small (about 3lf2 feet tall), hairy, dwarf-like or animal-like biped whose fierce eyes glowed yellow in the truck’s headlights. Gonzales grabbed the creature, lifting it off the ground. He later said it weighed about 35 pounds. Showing great strength, it twisted out of Gonzales’ hands, somehow giving him a shove that sent him sprawling in the street. Ponce turned and ran for a police station a couple of blocks back.

Gonzales managed to get up on one knee and get his knife out as the little fellow leaped into the air and returned to the attack. He could see that instead of hands the creature had webbed extremities with claws about an inch long. With these he raked his human antagonist, while Gonzales tried to drive the knife blade into the creature’s shoulder. The blade glanced off as though it had struck steel. When a second hairy occupant emerged from the vehicle and blinded him with a beam of light from a small shiny tube, Gonzales thought he was finished. But the fight was over. When Gonzales regained his vision, he saw the vehicle rise above some trees and quickly disappear from view.

Gonzales made for the station, arriving not long after his companion, torn, bleeding, and terrified. The first reaction of the police was one of disbelief, but they summoned a doctor who determined that both men were in a state of shock and that neither had  been drinking. The doctor treated Gonzales for a long deep scratch down his left side and  gave him a sedative.

Fortunately there was another eyewitness. A well­ known Caracas physician out on night calls  had  also seen the UFO. With the understanding that his name would be kept confidential, he came forward and sub­ mitted a corroborating report to the police.


The stories about the Hoppers (and Flyers) are among the most charming of the humanoid anecdotes. The following triply-witnessed, essentially single incident, fits a pattern of little humanoids who characteristically  proceed on the ground by hopping  motions  rather  than  by  placing one foot ahead of the other as  in walking. Another interesting class is the gliders, who are  more scary than charming,  but  that  is  another  story.

The following incident was reported in the September­ October 1973 APRO Bulletin; the October 23, 1973, Hart­ ford City (Indiana) News Times; and Blum’s Beyond Earth: Man’s Contact With UFOs. We first quote from Blum’s book, which in turn quoted the story from the  News Times article. The case was investigated by APRO field investigator  Don Worley.

When it comes to UFOs there are believers and disbelievers. An incident last night made real believers out of two Blackford Co.   men…

Last night the eastern portion of Blackford County was visited by two tiny, silver-suited men, according to Gary Flatter and DeWane Donathan.

Flatter, who operates Chaney’s Comer, is not a man to joke about something as serious as what he witnessed about 1o’clock this morning. And Donathan, a young married man, said he didn’t believe in such things-until it happened to him …

When Donathan was contacted this morning and told that Flatter had also seen the creatures, the young man was relieved that he and his wife were not the only ones to see the strange beings.

It all started when the Donathans were headed home about 9:45 P.M. As they traveled east they saw what at first appeared to be a reflection from a tractor. As they got closer they could see two figures who looked like they were dancing to music.

Donathan said, “They were kind of dancing around in the middle of the road in a circle. It didn’t look like they wanted to get very far apart from each other. When they turned around and looked at our car, they acted like they couldn’t get (walk) off the road. They looked like they were skipping, but didn’t have their feet in front of them and couldn’t move very fast. They had their arms in front of them.”

What Flatter saw was even more hair-raising, and might explain why the creatures appeared to be skipping…


At this point we go to the Bulletin  data,  which  is more complete. Mrs. Donathan was driving and stopped the car only 30 feet away. The creatures were of slight build, straight of form, and about 4 feet tall. She de­ scribes the feet as having boxes on them, somewhat larger  than a shoe.

Gary Flatter turned  out to be the star investigator  of the case. He was in the police station chatting with Deputy Sheriff Ed Townsend and a state policeman when the Donathans’ call came in. He rode with Sheriff Townsend to the designated area, but they saw nothing. However, he heard  a  high-pitched  sound  at  one  point on the road. The state policeman also drove  out  and back. Later, Flatter drove out the second time, in his wrecker, as did the state policeman  in  his  patrol  car. The officer drove on east of the sighting area, while Flatter tried a south turn, then an east turn. As he approached an area due south of the Donathan sighting, he was interrupted by an exodus of small animals cross­ ing the road from north to south. Stopping the wrecker, he counted 6 or 7 rabbits, a possum, a raccoon, and several cats. The same high-pitched sound was in the air.

Flatter  then  looked  carefully  around  and spotted  the silver-suited beings standing in the plowed field just to the north, illuminated by the edge of  his  headlights. They were about 75 feet away and facing him. He estimated their height  at 4 feet, and they were  dressed in tight-fitting silvery suits that glared in the light. Illuminating them further with his spotlight, he was al­ most blinded by the reflection. The creatures didn’t like it either, for with a hop, they immediately turned their backs to the beam. He turned  it off.

Their heads were  egg-shaped   and  fitted  with  what looked like gas masks fitted with a garden-hose-size hose connection to the lower chest. Naturally, he  could  not  see their  facial  features  behind  this  (breathing)  equipment.

Flatter noted  that  the  feet  were  “square with  the  heel a little over the back” (rectangular parallelopiped) having the approximate  dimensions  of  6x3x2 inches.

As they continued  to  hop,  they  moved  up  and  down in slow motion. They seemed to use no muscular  effort when they jumped, but moved  as though  skipping  rope. He said the motive power seemed to be in the feet. “They would move up about 3 feet off  the  ground,  then  go back down, all in  slow  motion  .  .  .  they  might  move an arm, but not much.” The fourth time up, they simply flew off! Flatter said, “They flew like a helicopter in feet­ down position.  They just  flew off  into  the  darkness  and I couldn’t find them with  my  spotlight.  I  did  see  some red  trace-like  streaks  coming  down  and  that  was  all.”

The next day seven imprints were found in the hard ground of the field near the Donathan sighting. They looked as though made with a nearly square heel, 3 inches wide, and % inch deep. Investigators’ feet left no marks. It would seem that interesting prints should have existed at the Flatter sighting location,  but  no  mention was  made  of  an investigation.

The January 1974 UFO Investigator reported the following incident that took place in New Hampshire on November 3, 1973.

The  account  withheld  the  names  of  witnesses At 7:30 the witness’s neighbor called him to see a glowing object through their telescope. He saw an object which he described as “a silverish saucer-shaped craft with 4 red  glowing  windows  at one end.”  He thought it hovered  above a radio tower a mile away.

The witness went home later on, and retired. Shortly after midnight the witness’s dog seemed restless and he got up  to  let him  out. Going into the kitchen,  he  saw a light coming from outside. When he looked out the door, what he saw gave him a shock! The light was a diffuse glow coming from two silver-suited creatures. They had oversized pointed ears, large noses, and dark, egg-shaped eyes that resembled holes. Their boots were without heels, and had curled-up toes. The creatures, or their suits, appeared to be self-luminous. They were picking up things  from  the  ground  and  collecting  them  in a sack.

The witness  went  to the bedroom  and  returned  to the kitchen with his .38-caliber automatic pistol, putting more shells in the clip. He had advised his  wife  what  was going on, but she wanted no part of it. (Scratch corroborating witness.)

At his master’s  command,  the snarling, vicious  Ger­man shepherd leaped to the attack. On reaching the intruders, he stopped in his tracks and returned whining into the house. The humanoids went  on  collecting.  By this time our witness was trembling so he could hardly hold the gun, much less use it effectively, but he vowed he would shoot  if  the beings  came  closer.

Meanwhile, he had been giving a running commentary to his wife. She did not respond until she got  the word the creatures were leaving. She reached  the kitchen  only in  time  to  see  their  glow  disappearing  in  the  woods.

The  police  had  been  called  and  arrived  at  12:30 A.M.

Since the ground was hard and covered with pine needles, no tracks were found.

[Excerpted from: Unconventional Flying Objects: A Former NASA Scientist Explains How UFOs Really Work by Paul R. Hill, with kind permission of the publishers, Hampton Roads.
Paul Hill was a well-respected NASA scientist when, in the early 1950s, he had a UFO sighting. Soon after, he built the first flying platform and was able to duplicate the UFO’s tilt-to-control maneuvers. Official policy, however, prevented him from proclaiming his findings. “I was destined,” says Hill, “to be as unidentified as the flying objects.”
For the next twenty-five years, Hill acted as an unofficial clearinghouse at NASA, collecting and analyzing sightings’ reports for physical properties, propulsion possibilities, dynamics, etc. To refute claims that UFOs defy the laws of physics, he had to make “technological sense… of the unconventional object.”
After his retirement from NASA, Hill finally completed his remarkable analysis. This book, published posthumously, presents his findings that UFOs “obey, not defy, the laws of physics.” Vindicating his own sighting and thousands of others, he proves that UFO technology is not only explainable, but attainable.]

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  1. It was 10yrs ago I began to share some of my “Paranormal” encounters for the first time but I’ve been seeing lights in the sky, shadow figures, strange creatures, and hearing disembodied voices for over 25yrs. It’s a lot to carry some days but luckily I have witnesses to corroborate a few of my stories, including having bore witness to several disembodied voices… which helps me hold on to what sanity I have left.

    Fortunately or unfortunately I’m classified as an “Abductee”, having experienced missing time in association with several UFO encounters. I’m told it’s quite common for an Abductee to not have access to the memories of their abduction. I can only speak to the missing time and objects themselves… I cant speak to what I have no memory of.

    I do know that several people who’ve lived near me reported Alien Abductions around the same time I was having weekly encounters with UFOs. I only know that because of a brief time I spent with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Investigators who were handling my case report, and other UFO reports in the area. Poor weather and visability on “Night Watches” caused us to part ways after only meeting a few times, and before they were able to gather any video evidence… but often they would be kind enough to lend me what details they were at liberty to disclose as we parted ways, and they headed on the investigate other cases.

  2. Ted Heistman | May 12, 2014 at 5:28 pm |

    I think possibly, there are other sentient, technologically advanced beings that share the Earth with us and that this has been the case for millennia.

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