• n_djinn

    I have a friend in the 210th Rescue Squadron (attached the the 176th fighter wing). They are off the Djibouti in a month or two.

  • Anarchy Pony
  • misinformation
  • https://twitter.com/anti_euclidean ÿ

    Oceania™ has always controlled Africa™…
    …and will once more…

    The reasons why should be obvious to teh ztudentz who ztudied what happened when the Arabs™ came to Africa™, followed a few centuries later by the Europeans™.

  • Chad Burke

    I couldn’t make it through this knob’s video. Is he a regular feature here? Quick Google shows he’s apparently a lapdog for Obammy, the Hildebeast and the inventor of the interwebs Al Gore. So what did he have to say and I’ll assume the opposite is true.

    • Amacai Zerand

      Regular feature? Yep. Lapdog? Nope.

      One of my favorite knobs? Yep.

      • Chad Burke

        Googs tells me he’s performed at events for all three. All I need to know about him right thurr.

        • Amacai Zerand

          He performed at events with all three, not for. He’s been critical of all three.

          Research deeper than a Google summary.

  • Mr B

    He mocks U.S. belligerence, then Rodman’s efforts at undermining it.

    Imperial scoundrel like all the others: Colbert, Stewart, Deek Jackson, Charlie Brooker, Hugh Dennis, Roseanne Barr …