Man Foils Attempted Arrest By Knowing His Rights Better Than Cops


“You have to be kind of a wuss to be scared of a 2 dollar piece of plastic.”

“The law doesn’t know the law.”

May 5, 2014

This protester stands up to NYPD bullying and avoids imminent arrest by knowing his actual rights better than the cops. And he does all this while simulcasting the video directly on to the web!



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  • jasonpaulhayes

    Your youtube history is amusing and made me laugh over and over again…

    • Joey Jacobson

      They also are pushing the vegetarian agenda lol

    • gustave courbet

      Having waded through the swamp that is the fringe media (and you’ve listed a halfway decent cross section), I’ve found that, buried amongst the sludge are numerous credible (and unbelievable) cases. And while a certainly don’t agree with many of the points that Cameron makes, there are relevant and credible pieces of information within his libertarian world view that are worthy of consideration and investigation.

      • Camron Wiltshire

        Thank you gustave. You give me hope that commenting on disinfo with those who may have ideological or political differences needn’t always turn into a troll melee. I appreciate your letter, did you get my response. Feel free to add me on facebook. Happy to go over finer points if you have any particular questions. Cheers.

        • gustave courbet

          Thanks, one of my preoccupations is bridge building between different ideological groups that have much in common. In particular I think the anarchist/progressive left have a lot in common with libertarianism, but they tend to get hung up on social issues. I missed your reply. I’ll look for it (I’m rarely on facebook).

          • Camron Wiltshire

            I think I emailed you. Yes it is sad that the supposed social issues are all it takes to keep them aligned with the psychopathy of the state. Are you familiar with Larken Roses’ work by the way?

          • terrasodium

            dean clifford dot info, I think you would find interesting in your cousins to the north.

          • gustave courbet

            I think I may have run across him, through the Tragedy and Hope website.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      “Those who love wisdom must investigate many things.”

      • jasonpaulhayes

        You’re an Occultard.

  • Mr B

    In my experience (here in the UK), it’s a waste of time trying to rationally argue with police. They exist as a purely malevolent entity; not as enforcers of law and order.

    I often get humiliatingly stopped and searched in the street, because: “You’ve not done anything wrong, we’re just stopping people at random; we’re curious as to what you’re carrying.” – that’s what they actually said to me.

    As always, there’s no apology nor sympathetic authority that I can appeal to in the universe.

    Totally at their mercy.

    • jasonpaulhayes

      This stooge put on a mask and pulled out a camera with the intent of baiting the police into taking him down or pulling guns on him… just so he could get a few more clicks on the “like button” and have a YouTube video worth of The AstroTurf ReLOVEution.

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