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Why Americans Are Suckers For Conspiracy Theories: The Country Was Founded On Them

463px-Lee_Harvey_Oswald_being_shot_by_Jack_Ruby_as_Oswald_is_being_moved_by_police,_1963So claims Cambridge University Professor Sir Richard Evans speaking at Britain’s Hay Festival, as reported by the Daily Mail:

A British academic has said conspiracy theories are built into American culture because the country was founded on them.

Professor Sir Richard Evans, of the University of Cambridge, is leading a project into conspiracy theories and is Britain’s leading authority on the subject matter.

Speaking at the Hay Festival yesterday, he said conspiracy theories are more common in the United States compared with other countries.

‘There is an argument that conspiracy theories are built into American culture because that is how America started. The United States was founded on conspiracy theories: the London government was conspiring to deprive America of their liberties.’

Mr Evans cited the JFK assassination, the 9/11 attacks and even campaigns which claim President Obama is not American.

He also believes the internet has not led to an increased belief in such theories.

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Rethinking ‘Don’t Blame The Victim’

PIC: Achim Herring (CC)

PIC: Achim Herring (CC)

Ofer Zur, Ph.D., writes:

The psychology of victims and the dynamics of victimhood have been largely ignored by scholars and clinicians. While in past years the tendency has been to blame victims, more recently the tide has turned. It is now politically incorrect to explore the role of victims in violent systems, as exploring the psychology of victims has become synonymous with blaming the victim. While shying away from blame, this article will explore the familial and cultural origins of victimhood, victims’ characteristics, their relationships with the perpetrators, and offer a victim typology. As we move from blame to a more complex understanding of violent systems, the perpetuation of these systems in our culture, and the role victims play in these systems, we provide ourselves with better tools to predict and prevent further victimization.

This paper inquires into the rarely explored, politically sensitive topic of the nature of victimhood.

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House GOP Tells Commie Pentagon To Forget About All That “Global Warming” Nonsense

pentagonMaybe they can ban differing kinds of camo next.  You know, to save money.  Abby Zimet writes at CommonDreams:

As even our historically less-than-progressive military increasingly identifies climate change as a threat to national security, House Republicans in their infinite wisdom last week passed a bill blocking funding for any Pentagon program that tries to do anything about saving the planet that pretty much everyone at this point agrees is in danger. Because climate change is just a “political hot item of the day” that “has nothing to do with winning battles” and “is it wise to continue to violently disrupt a culture which is fueled by tradition and a fierce warrior ethos by forcing them to constantly adjust to the popular political trends of the day?” when anyway it was Democrats who “snuck some language into the National Defense Authorization Act which got our military considering the ‘threat’ of climate change” even though “the link between extreme weather and global warming is (a) very shaky foundation upon which to reshape America’s defense strategy” and really we need to free up the military to “concentrate on addressing real man-made threats to our national independence…a mission they can actually do something about!” Noting “the flat earth society is at it again,” critics in the House called the bill “science denial at its worst.” Hopefully, it will fail in the Senate.

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The So-Called ‘Men’s Rights Movement’ Is Actually A Far-Left Progressive Project

PIC: AnonMoos (PD)

PIC: AnonMoos (PD)

Donald Douglas writes at American Power:

As I noted earlier, “The depraved Obama-protection media will be spinning this Elliot Rodger as some kinda of NRA-survivalist tea party conserva-libertarian, or something.”

Well, that “or something” is the so-called “men’s rights movement,” which murderous leftists are attempting to spin as a bastion of “reactionary” conservatism.


In fact, this so-called “men’s rights movement” is bathed in progressive, me-culture leftism in which the Hollywood luxury boy Elliot Rodger glommed onto like a baby to the teat.


PIC: The Good Men Project (C)

See Amanda Marcotte, at Raw Story, “Why Progressive “Men’s Movements” Are Bound to Fail.”

Linked there is the leftist Good Men Project, which boasts bona fide progressive credentials, and includes on the frontpage a photograph of Democrat Party propagandist Shepard Fairey.

Some idiot feminists have sought to portray the “men’s right’s movement” as conservative, for example, Anne Theriault, at HuffPo, “Why the Men’s Rights Movement Is Garbage“:

MRAs believe that feminists are to blame for basically everything that’s wrong with their lives.

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8th June 2014 – Time For Big Brother to Retire!

On 8th June George Orwell’s surveillance crazed czar of surveillance Big Brother will be 65 years old (in literary years). To mark the date we urge all lovers of freedom to take part in the annual 1984 Action Day and to call for Big Brother to hang up his high visibility surveillance jacket and retire.

Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ was first published on 8th June 1949. Now, sixty-five years later and thirty years after the book’s title year, few if any of Orwell’s warnings have been heeded. The slogans of the book’s ruling party: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” are encoded in the marketing style propaganda of modern political parties. A surveillance state has been built all around us whilst we are encouraged to “share” our concerns in a modern reworking of the 2 minute hate – the 140 character tweet fest – hash tag “what about that funny dog!”

We are living in the dystopian world of ‘1984’ now.… Read the rest

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Sunshine On A Cloudy Day: A Screed

Mary Wells

Mary Wells

Mary Wells, where are you?

I need that Motown chanteuse again to bolster my spirits in this month of the missing American Spring of 2014. I am still barely singing along to her “My Guy:”

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day

When it’s cold outside

I’ve got the month of May

The month of May is here and will soon be gone, with a May winter every other day here in New York following every occasional outbreak of seasonal warmth. We know the planet is warming, but I have yet to feel it with any regularity in my neighborhood.

Worse that that, the cold outside is not just the zigzagging temperatures, but the sense that we are stuck in a political Ice Age where change of the kind that we will soon be discussing, again and again, ad finitem, at yet another Left forum is more remote than ever.… Read the rest

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Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks Arrested at Bilderberg for Filming

As soon as the cameras were taken, Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks were placed under arrest by the Copenhagen Police Department. FYI some of Luke’s footage was deleted during this arrest, they were brought to jail and released without any charges. The police at 1st tried to say that Luke and Dan were being arrested for possession of drugs, though none were found and with many people filming they arrested them for “suspicious activity.” According to Danish law the police not only overstepped there boundaries but violated their own laws by preventing filming, destroying evidence and illegally detaining journalists. After being placed in jail we believe it was the help of you, our audience and the social media outrage that got us released without any charges. If there is a lawyer who wishes to help us since we are not funded by anyone, we would really appreciate any help, advise, legal council or action.… Read the rest

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