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hypnotogeometry1Hey Thad, where are the regularly scheduled rants that we’ve become accustomed to over the last year or so? Well, I decided several weeks back I should probably actually put the finishing touches on the book I wrote that’s coming out next month (if all goes right) and that maybe I should wrap that up before I spend more of my time ranting at y’all. They’ll be back here soon, and you know what else? Video rants all Lee Camp style. As far as I can tell, the problem with my writing is that no one reading it can tell how ridiculously good looking I am (riiiiight). I mean, how are gay dudes supposed to masturbate to an internet article? How are women supposed to make weird scrapbooks with hearts around me while jotting down the names of our future children? This needs to be resolved and so I’m buying a decent video camera here soon to do just that. I’ve tried with the camera on my laptop but the video quality is shit. I suppose that’d be my way of telling you that the human content factory that I am is just going to get bigger and better moving forward but it’s going to take a minute to process these improvements. In the meantime, I still have time to reblog some things I find interesting, as I can normally toss that shit up all quick like when I have a free minute at my day job.

I actually did that last week when I re-blogged a video called Dark Mirror of Magick, which brings me to the point to this post. Internet writing is weird and totally new as you now have to either endure or ignore countless people spitting hatred at you in comments sections. I realized fairly quickly after Disinfo picked up my writing that I didn’t always have time to keep up with this stuff, or moreover, sometimes it wasn’t always great for my mental health to do so. I’d say I probably read like 75% percent of the comments on my posts on this site. Sometimes I’m in the mood to deal with people telling me I’m a druggie, sometimes I’m not. I continually encourage people to friend me on Facebook because I do in fact try and keep up with all of that time permitting. Also, I do magick journal stuff there that I rarely post here, so if you haven’t friended me, you’re not really getting the full experience regarding how utterly strange magick can be.

Anywho, Megan Beth Koester over at Vice did a hilarious piece calling out her internet commenters the other week. It’s awesome, but I must say, my commenters are of a vastly different variety. I’d also point out something that she fails to address in that piece. The vast majority of people spewing vitriol at her on VICE are most likely doing so because they wish they had jobs writing for VICE. Hell, I’m working a shitty day job while I’m writing this so I totally understand that sentiment but I will point out that whining at people on the internet probably isn’t going to get you that gig (or any gig for that matter).

Here’s the thing with comments. I’m all about constructive criticism. Lord, my inner Occult overlords are so brutal with me it’s ridiculous but they almost always have a point. I’m such a harsh critic of myself that I do find it funny that I could probably come up with better critiques of anything I do than anyone else would be able to. Truthfully, I’ve never read anyone making a negative comment on any of my posts that was actually saying anything constructive whatsoever. You’re sort of feeding my ego with this trolls. Your critiques of what I do are so obviously based in ignorance that they don’t even get me pissed off anymore, in fact, I now find them sort of hilarious because they can almost always be broken out into a few basic categories.

One, scientific materialists who are infuriated by the idea that every problem in the universe can’t be solved with more math.

Two, religious people who have been programmed from birth to think that the Occult = Satan Worship.

Three, conspiracy weirdoes who often don’t even understand that their views about the Illuminati/NWO are actually fairly heavily influenced by religious people’s slandering of the Occult.

Four, people who think I do too many drugs (For the record, I smoke pot and do hallucinogens ritualistically like once a year, don’t even drink much anymore).

Why am I bringing this up? Because the comments on Dark Mirror post from last week were classic and that’s the funniest thing. Comments on the Disinfo Facebook page rarely show up in my feed and because of that I must confess, I probably haven’t seen like 90% of them over the last year or so. Wouldn’t have caught these if one of my fans hadn’t tagged me in strain with the conclusion:

“You really pull the crazy out in people Thad McKracken for that I applaud you haha”

Holy shit, yeah, I really do. Fine work me. So fuck it, let me address some of this negativity publically because it’s actually a lot more hilarious than I realized (all names redacted).

“How about discussing the occult practices of banking and finance? The development and application of physics formulae which form the basis of derivatives, as well as the sales pitch(es) made to various government entities which ultimately led to them going broke?”

“agreed with (person who posted the above comment). I’d like to see something done on the means they use to try to enslave the entire race…. it’s a pretty big deal.”

You really feel like you don’t get enough of this from Disinfo? Really? Ummmm, so you want posts from me talking about how world leaders are all in a secret club doing weed based sex magick. The reason I won’t do this is because I’ve done this shit myself, have been for years. My conclusion? Your leaders aren’t involved with weed based sex magick, astral projection, shamanism. etc. If they were, they wouldn’t be doing the shit that they do because they’d see the broader consequences of it from a spiritual perspective. I think the problem is precisely that they’re NOT involved with this stuff. Almost no one is. Wall Street is far more influenced by cocaine and speed freaks like Ayn Rand than it is by the Occult and psychedelics. Trust me, these people are fucking themselves over with this wealth/war mongering shit from a spiritual perspective and they’re completely unaware of that fact. Is there a dark sorcerer compelling them to do this shit behind the scenes? From what I’ve seen, probably, but they’re not aware of it consciously. An Occult practice would be a means to free yourself from this materialist psychic slavery. It might be the only hope you’ve got. Next?

“LMFAO fucking deluded losers”

“The occult is interesting as a subject, but if you actually believe in any of that nonsense any more than you believe in Batman then you are the FAIL.
It’s just another religion, and all religion is mental illness.”

“There’s this thing called science. Let’s all forget about the occult, and religion, and embrace science, shall we? Please? It’s important for our future.”

Lord, these people. Apparently there was some sort of debate between materialists and neo-spiritualists last week that I read about on the Daily Grail and the neo-spiritualists didn’t fare very well to which I say, these things shouldn’t be allowed to happen if I’m not involved. Seriously. I’d start off the debate by asking the cult of science folks, why do you think that certain areas of scientific inquiry should be illegal? Oh, you don’t? Funny then, it’s been essentially illegal to study psychedelic drugs for a long time now. We can study nearly any other variation of chemical compound, but just not those per government mandate. That’s slowly changing, but not very quickly. The point to my writing is that we have an insanely illogical bias towards studying altered states of consciousness of any variety because they don’t fit in with the daemonic expansionary agenda we unconsciously serve. These were comments on a video about Solomon’s Magick. Where are the studies into that sort of thing? They don’t exist. In what bizarre universe does knowing as little as humanly possible about something constitute as a means of understanding it? It doesn’t. Sort of my entire point. Science is a tool, a means of creation. Thusfar we’ve decided to use it to aid in enslaving the population chemically, building war machines, and creating vast wealth inequality. That’s what we’re currently using science for. My take? We could use it to solve the mystery of death and give every single human the direct sort of godhead experience that they read about in church and that I write about continually. I don’t even think this would be very hard to do if we put our minds to it. Instead we get predator drones and profit gouging algorithms. Next?

“Evil!! You are playing with the eternal damnation of your soul!! Duh! are you a disinfomationist who is sided with the Devil? Rhetorical… I can’t believe I even waste my time with you..oh yeah. I think somehow I can talk sense into anyone falling seriously astray. All this information at your fingertips and you warp it into the supreme fallacy that you can manipulate the “elements” to manifest your reality. The Absolute has already been made appearant. Do you really think to be a creator and a sort of god? what horrible use of intelligence. I can no longer stand to see people waste their lives with these “crafts”. You were not there during creation and have none of the righteousness of God Holy Holy Holy is the AllMighty Who shall share the throne of all creation with the Creator? the created?!!! certainly Not!! Justice will come and all that you’ve done will be revealed. then where do you stand? Can you even stand before God and live let alone explain away your utter rebellion? there is no such hope except in Christ Jesus Lord of all King of Kings!!!”

Okay, now I actually have to put a bit of the blame on this one on me but not much. I meant to mention that part of the reason I liked Poke’s video so much is that there’s a great segment where he talks about his great reverence for Christ and pretty much takes down the popular myth that the Occult involves Satan worship quite directly. Here’s a part of the dialogue with his aspiring mage: “Is this your means of worshipping God?” Answer “Yes.” The Occult largely involves making contact with your Holy Guardian Angel. It’s about mastering your daemons, not worshipping them. You can’t actually do this without the aid of angelick forces. And this is what you get as an Occultist and of course I knew this well before I had to deal with internet trolls. The materialist science nuts hate you because what you do “isn’t real” and religious people think you worship Satan. These are the dangers of binary thought. It takes balls to delve into this shit, and fortunately for y’all, I’ve got balls the size of Jupiter. You know who doesn’t? Skeptical science freaks and religious fanatics. Holy crap are y’all a bunch of pussies. Why don’t you experiment a bit with my handy dandy sex magick techniques, massive amounts of hallucinogens, or astral projection and see if you feel the same way about the multiverse and your place in it? Oh, you won’t? Scared? Exactly. Props to all my supporters as more than half of the comments were actually incredibly positive and constructive. Your support pretty much makes my life and inspires me to continually improve what I do. Stay tuned true believers! Things are just going to keep getting weirder from here on out.

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
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  1. First!

  2. This is exactly what I needed to read. There are other actual honest people out there! Leave it to the people who think they know everything (because that’s what they’ve heard) to give us a good laugh. 😀
    At first I found your writing unprofessional, perhaps because this is the first article I’ve read by you. Glad I kept reading though. Kept me entertained, gave me hope, and got me interested in some of the other shit you’re talking about. I got a book about astral projection but haven’t looked through it yet. . .

    This post got me to register to disinfo.

    • Thad McKraken | May 15, 2014 at 5:38 pm |

      Thank you sir. Yeah, my wife tells me I swear too much in my writing. I tell her I’m trying to communicate spiritual concepts to a generation of kids who grew up listening to rap music and watching weed comedy. To my credit, she’s an academic librarian and one night she went out and had a few drinks with some of her students, who are all 10 to 15 years younger than her. She came back telling me, “man do those kids swear a lot.”

      If you dug that, definitely go search my name on the site. I’ve written an inhuman amount for Disinfo in the last year or so. Worth your time if you’re bored for sure.

    • I couldn’t have said it better! All it takes is one completely subjective experience that science can’t explain and religion palms off as the will of God or the influence of Satan. Been there… more than once.
      Not sure if astral projection is quite the same as lucid dreaming but a few days ago I got sooo fucking close. As a kid, my religion got borked as thoroughly as my politics. I think we’ve found a good place.

      Thad: not bored, just curious:) I’m officially impressed.

      • Thad McKraken | May 16, 2014 at 11:22 am |

        If psychedelic drugs were legalized, we wouldn’t even be having the materialism vs. spirituality debate. It wouldn’t even happen. Here’s what would happen. A study would be done where you took materialist science people and had them smoke DMT. My guess is that 80% of those people would no longer hold that position. I’ve been saying this forever. Who cares if this stuff is real or not real. What’s important is that it changes the behavior of those who experience it, and behavior is largely considered a real physical thing. It can be studied quite easily.

        As for astral projection, yeah, I’ve never truly been able to do it in the traditional sense although I did have an experience where I was pulled out of my body and into a psychic sky temple by my Holy Guardian Angel. Long story. The one thing I will say is that immediately after I started experimenting with Monroe’s techniques, I started lucid dreaming. Happened just like that. Highly recommended and those tapes I linked there are only like $100 bucks these days. A quarter of weed costs $80 by comparison. Well worth it.

        • HelloFeds | May 16, 2014 at 1:41 pm |

          Exactly. And about 80% of the people whom I know that have smoked DMT would agree with you on that. it is hard to remain a strict scientific materialist after that experience, though bizarrely, a small minority do.

          • Adam's Shadow | May 16, 2014 at 7:21 pm |

            I had a friend, good guy, very bright, but wouldn’t try psychedelics or illegal drugs of any type, all he did was drink (a lot) and hold very skeptical, “materialist” views on most subjects; not close-minded, by any means, just very much an empirical facts kinda guy. Then one day, he tried DMT with a group of people, saw the machine elves, quit drinking and bam! high weirdness ensued. It was as if it flipped a switch in his brain.

        • Read this yesterday and freaked when I checked your link. I read ‘Voyages Outside the Body’ when it first came out in ’71.
          Don’t have the hard copy any more, but a bit of digging and I was able to ‘obtain’ these and so much more. I had no idea how widespread (and commercialized) this has become. I may disappear from here for a while; this has been one of those things that have been taking the far back burner to ‘everyday life’ but somehow keeps sneaking up on me . I’m ready to throw some serious effort into some funtime dreamtime. I’ll let you know:)

  3. erte4wt4etrg | May 15, 2014 at 4:34 pm |

    Expansionary daemonic agenda, nice

  4. Jonas Planck | May 15, 2014 at 5:17 pm |

    Be fair, comment threads are the crack-houses of the information age. Every statement made by any commentator triggers a little burst of dopamine and serotonin in their brains, and this is the reason we do it to begin with. We’re junkies. This is why I’ve always held that civility is not needed, for civility undermines the very motivation for speaking your mind to begin with… and without that motivation, social discourse is inhibited. The main problem, as many including yourself have noted, is that the majority of these comments are unhinged, if not completely bat-shit insane. From Christians whining about non-existent persecution, to rightists whining about non-existent socialism, to liberals who seem unable to recognize their own authoritarian impulses, it often seems as if people think that the biggest problems facing the human race are their own imaginary delusions, and that REAL threats to humanity are “hoaxes.”
    I know I can be pretty damn snarky myself, but there are some boards out there where the sheer volume of anger, hate, and berzerker blood-lust is absolutely terrifying. Some of these creatures cannot be honestly called human, nor should they, if they choose to describe humans as “cockroaches,” or insist that The Hated Other is not human at all, but strange fleshy golems who merely LOOK like humans. Identity politics seems to bring out the worst in everyone, which is probably why it’s become such a popular mechanism of mental control over the last fifty years… To resist such destructive social inclinations, we must be unafraid of threats and bullying, and willing to poke the monster with a pointy stick from time to time just to see which way it jumps. These monsters were once humans, too, and whatever metamorphic corruption turned them evil could easily do the same to us all if we aren’t careful… the abyss stares also into us, so whatever redemption we can find, we had best hold fast to it, or else drown in that sea of hatred, even while we try to keep the boat from sinking.

    • Thad McKraken | May 15, 2014 at 5:32 pm |

      Well put sir.

    • A problem is that many people don’t believe, refuse to accept, or cannot control their own power.

    • > Some of these creatures cannot be honestly called human, nor should they, if they choose to describe humans as “cockroaches,” or insist that The Hated Other is not human at all, but strange fleshy golems who merely LOOK like humans.

      Nice self-reference, sir!

    • Thad McKraken | May 16, 2014 at 11:15 am |

      People with alternative spiritual beliefs and practices are maybe the most discriminated against minority in history. I have had a ton of people tell me I’m crazy over the years out of sheer ignorance well before I ever started writing for Disinfo. At some point, someone has to start punching back. That’s what I’m doing. Is it going to piss people off? Hopefully. The more it does, the more profitable my writing will be. Also, Charles Manson is both an idiot AND a shitty musician.

      • “The more it does, the more profitable my writing will be”.

        BINGO was his name o…

  5. Adam's Shadow | May 15, 2014 at 10:34 pm |

    Good article, but I disagree on one point:

    “Wall Street is far more influenced by cocaine and speed freaks like Ayn Rand than it is by the Occult and psychedelics. Trust me, these people are fucking themselves over with this wealth/war mongering shit from a spiritual perspective and they’re completely unaware of that fact. Is there a dark sorcerer compelling them to do this shit behind the scenes? From what I’ve seen, probably, but they’re not aware of it consciously.”

    You can engage in cocaine and speed-based sex magick just as easily as you can weed-based: they just produce different results. The result of cocaine and speed-based ritual workings (of whatever type) is likely what you see in Wall St. and financial sector general behavior: predatory, manipulative, exploitative. Now, I’m not saying that every CEO, COO, etc. is engaged in occult practices, or even that there is some sort of secret, Illuminati-type cabal running shit on Wall St. and Madison Ave., but I think that a few advertising and marketing firms in particular have high-level left-hand path adepts working for them or running them. To give them the moniker “left-hand path” is almost insulting, because I think that if they exist these people are beyond that, and completely amoral in a profound way, rather than simply selfish as most of us commonly are. Of course, I base this on nothing more than my own paranoid bullshit: a cursory analysis of television commercials over the past thirty years or so (basically as long as I’ve been watching television). At the very least, it’s obvious banking and especially its cousin marketing are industries defined by using psychology to manipulate people.

    There is an interesting article called “Corporations: Demons for a New Age” by Nadir R. Kianersi that I printed from Disinfo years ago, and it argues something along the same lines, except in much more convincing fashion. I can’t find it online anymore, but I still have the one copy, and its basic thesis is that “corporate entities can be defined as man-made demons” and that corporate logos are basically demonic sigils. Not an entirely new idea, but a provocative one, and somewhat accurate, I think.

    • Thad McKraken | May 16, 2014 at 11:09 am |

      Yeah, I mean, advertising is in fact in tune with a lot of Occult concepts (sigils as corporate logos and what not), and you know, I studied psychology in college. It’s interesting in studying psychology that one of the things you learn is that people are insanely conformist and easily manipulated. Seriously, it’s science fact and a science fact that most people never ever bother to think about. Like, did you know almost all people are incredibly looksist? Why do you think you see nothing but good looking people on TV? It’s hardwired into the way we think. The research on that front is pretty astounding. I’ve always said that the only people who seem to actually understand this unflattering research into psychology are marketers, PR people, and Karl Rove. Also, I have in fact written about how profit margins are daemonic by their very nature and how we’re all beholden to an expansionary agenda we don’t talk about at all.

      I guess though Occultism can be defined in a lot of different ways. In the classic, trying to obtain knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel sense, these people aren’t involved in that sort of Occultism. Then you get all these it’s all some sort of Satanic NWO conspiracy weirdness which is heavily influenced by conservative Christianity. Funny thing about that, The Church of Satan’s philosophies are almost directly in tune with Ayn Rand and she was a speed freak. We might even have a dude named after Ayn Rand running for president here.

  6. mister blank | May 16, 2014 at 1:30 pm |

    this discussion is hilarious / the literal answer is BLAME ‘the godz’ if u dont like it & the return karma for all that selfish behavior is ticking into existence on their schedule / if they wanted to evolve ALL HUMANITY prior to 12 21 12 , they could have but then the predictions & global work leading into 12 21 12 & documentation of that date spread thru-out the earth (first day of the ‘real christ’ 7yr judgment . incorrect belief about how ‘the godz’ operate is their modus operandi & watch how the single (meme)brane or monotheist/universe understanding erodes incomprehensibly quick & pagan apocalypse rules or jewish rules ? (its in the middle – its a hybrid) ….. literally E=mc2 knocked the corner off of pandoras box and leads into ME ( check out prophecies about ME/US here “Dark Mirror of Magick” link above) & that real christ (so for definitions of apocalypse / loosely interpret pagan&occult concepts & might as welll start to assume MONOTHEISM&ATHEISM become eliminated ways to think / outmoded mind memes byDESIGN …. & THEREFORE to U EUROPEANS god will proven as ‘the godz’ only 2godheads in this earth/sun space as ‘the godz’ & are localized & entangle evolution itself / so evolution & intelligent design & godz that generally dont give a fuck about individuals except the few memeGENERATORS & HOW PPL ENTANGLE via karma energy IN GENERAL /// at the top of the heap , i dont always count towards the whole systems – i am removed f/ ‘absolute reality’ (dont have time to explain this concept) & entangled in complex destiny&fate mandates previously incomprehensible …. fyi ‘the godz’ cause events to happen & u cant tell when they are & are not participating in corruption(good or bad)most of the time … our planet has a future they will make happen & we will do it as we learn THE END GAME /// jewish ‘end of days’ is over (renaissance thru 12 21 12-19) & the greek enlightenment is fraudulent THE REAL CHRIST & REAL APOCALYPSE/maitreya is positive in the long term & destroys&replaces badmemes while we as 2races M&F try to balance ancient bad karmas & that retarded jew ANTICHRIST non environmental policy anti-zionist prophet dipshit (in summery) all these concerns are already part of THE END GAME //// if u didnt know this NOT MY PROBLEM

    • Spasmodius | May 16, 2014 at 1:50 pm |

      Does the 72-hour meth-taking marathon come before or after THE END GAME though

      • mister blank | May 16, 2014 at 2:01 pm |

        depends on what your plans for the worlds first global festival are ‘ 12 21 19 /// & the end game is 500+ yrs old /// its just the final shift away f/ materialism & monotheism/atheism will be extremely WHAT THE FUCK took so long & OMF(godz) you screwed my psychology(qualia) good / but it is amazing to be alive during the period of APOCALYPSE/MAITREYA ….. ITS THE 111yrs after 12 21 19 THAT A NEW GLOBAL EFFORT changes what humans used to waste time on ….. blahblahhalb

  7. I always find fault what you say, because i am more obsessed with the occult than you are, and i keep that occulted most of the time, so i nit pick on concepts and fallacies that come up with any endeavor. But one thing that I will never take from you, is that you are a damn good/articulate writer and should try to get gigs writing more mundane topics while subtly adding some Neuro liquistic programming into the texts to maybe get some turned on to the esoteric topics. But one thing about trolls, showing that you are paying attention is a no no and some people are not trolls, they are genuine is their disagreement, and those you should respect and actually debate, to see if progress can be made with them. Trolls just want to see the world burn.

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