Woman Files Suit Over Law Requiring Doctor’s RX To Purchase Sex Toys

Good for her. These laws exist in a lot more places that you might know, but don’t get challenged because people are ashamed to admit in public that they get up to the same kinds of things most Americans do in private. Chill out, morality police. Nothing is forbidden in the House of Love.

SANDY SPRINGS , Ga., May 16 (UPI) –A Georgia woman is suing the city of Sandy Springs over a law that requires a prescription or a legitimate reason to purchase sex toys.
Melissa Davenport filed the lawsuit hoping a judge finding the law unconstitutional.

The ordinance requires people to have a legitimate medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or legal reason to purchase an “obscene” sexual device.

Davenport, who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, credits sex toys with saving her marriage.

via Melissa Davenport files suit over sex toy ordinance Sandy Springs – UPI.com.

  • aaron

    Damn lady dont you know you can just buy that shit online? Shit I even saw some vibrators and lube on groupon a while back. Why waste time with a lawsuit?

    • Terance Schmidt

      Probably because it sucks to be subject to someone else’s opinion about what you ought do to in your own home.

      • aaron

        Well getting rid of the law is not going to change people’s opinion I get she did it out of principle but doesnt mean its not going to be time consuming for her. Plus there are way more pressing issues in this country than if you can buy a dildo in a store in your own town especially when you can get it online

        • Terance Schmidt

          If there’s no law stopping me from doing what I like, I really don’t care about people’s opinions.

          If my cat poops on the floor, the nation has more pressing issues, but I’m still gonna clean it up.

          • aaron

            Unjust laws are meant to be broken you dont always have to sue plus it really wont make much of a difference in the big picture of things. If she really wanted to ruffle some feathers she would go buy a dump truck full of sex toys and spread them through out her entire town driving around in the middle of the night like a paperboy throwing them on every porch and business and all over the sidewalks and every where. I would love to see the looks on the conservative christians faces when they woke up in the morning to that.

          • Terance Schmidt

            Much as I’d love to see that scene, I think that suing to overturn unjust laws is a better strategy than breaking laws or being the Easter bunny of dildos. (But have an upvote for the fun thought!)

  • BuzzCoastin

    SANDY SPRINGS , Ga. is an Atlanta burb
    I’m not sure why SANDY SPRINGS , Ga. needs to regulate sex toys
    except to keep sex shops outta town
    not sure why needs to grandstand
    maybe she wants to open a vibrator shop in SANDY SPRINGS

  • BuzzCoastin

    Disqus fubar goes here

  • Halfsquatch

    Alabama has a similar, state-wide, ban.
    Brings new meaning to the term “dry county”

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    • InfvoCuernos

      “Disinfo Reader Files Suit Against Website After Autoplay Video About Sex Toys Ruins Sunday Brunch with Laughter and Embarrassment”

      • misinformation

        I thought about writing something more akin to what you did but I think yours turned out better. I’m glad I held back.

      • Matt Staggs

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