Big Data’s ‘Dangerous’ Video Goes Viral While Eating At The Sick Artificiality Of Viral Videos

Okay, so sue me. I like some pop music, especially the electronic stuff. Can’t listen to Godspeed You Black Emperor every day. Anyway, Big Data reminds me enough of the eighties synth pop I enjoyed that I found the video on YouTube. Glad I did. It’s a great little sweet-nothing of a “viral” video encapsulating a sour pill of a poke at marketers attempt to engineer “viral” media to promote their projects (Yeah! Headbash your way through life! Hashtag it!); that the video utilizes all of the same techniques through this narrative frame is, I’m sure, an intentional irony. Meta, meta, meta.

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  • Chaorder Gradient

    that was actually pretty entertaining

  • erte4wt4etrg

    ‘Can’t listen to Godspeed You Black Emperor every day’
    Pfft, Lightweight

  • Woobniggurath

    I hope DI got its server rent for the month paid by posting that.