Bilderberg Member Talks to Protesters about War with Russia?

In this video Luke Rudkowski documents Diederik Samsom a member of the Bilderberg group and Dutch politician who came out of the meeting to talk to protesters. We were only able to get a little bit of the conversation but according to video that will soon come out Diederik openly talked about how Bilderberg was discussing Putin’s behavior, what should be done in Ukraine and if they should raise defense budgets. If you put the 3 topics together you understand that U.S and EU private and public powerhouses are deciding on war with Russia. This important decision being done in a private meeting with bankers, oil oligarchs, and private bushiness is very troubling. We stayed at the Bilderberg hotel the entire day because he said he would come out again, but sadly he did not.

The video of Diederik talking about Russia will be linked in the description on youtube as soon as it’s up from the other news organization.

Via We Are Change


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