Black Bloc In Brazil To Interrupt World Cup

Illustrazione di un Black BlocCould it be that Black Bloc “members” are football fans (soccer if you’re a Yank)? Apparently they’re going to be in Brazil for the world’s greatest sporting event–the FIFA World Cup–and certain media reports would have it that they’ll be turning the tournament cities into riot zones. From Global Post via The Week:

Their faces hide behind scarves, gas masks, and motorcycle helmets. TV images show them smashing cars, hurling bricks at police, and setting tires ablaze on the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian politicians have claimed they are a national security threat.

But who really are these protesters who plan to run riot at the World Cup as soon as the inaugural game kicks off on June 12?

Brazil’s police allege the militants form an extremist group called the Black Bloc, and say they are watching its leaders. The local press has published exposes claiming that the Black Bloc is funded by foreigners intent on spoiling the nation’s moment of glory.

However, speaking to GlobalPost, a veteran of Brazil’s radical protest movement said the Black Bloc is not an organization at all. Rather, it’s a tactic of demonstrators who are leaderless, angry, and determined to raise hell.

“It is the 10 percent of the demonstration that don’t run from police, who are not scared. Nobody owns it,” said the protester, who identified himself only as AM because of the risks of arrest.

The tactic, AM explained, consists of militant protesters, often masked and wearing dark colors, swelling together in a block during demonstrations. They break into runs, jump and shout, helping to provoke confrontation. And when police inevitably react, they are not scared to hit back.

“It is the violence that has always been in the slums of Brazil but now has come to the center of town,” said AM, a 32-year-old native of Sao Paulo.

Protesters inside the Black Blocs can actually have different political positions, he adds. But many, including him, are drawn to a form of anarchism, which he asserts is not left- or right-wing but against the entire system…

[continues at Global Post via The Week]


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5 Comments on "Black Bloc In Brazil To Interrupt World Cup"

  1. Or…whether Brazil likes admitting it or not…with knowledge that protests have long been planned regarding Brazil’s major social unrest over various issues…is it surprising that they suddenly develop a “Black Bloc” that calls for additional police crackdowns on protests in general? Smacks of being a little too convenient to be fully believed.

  2. Lee Swain | Jun 3, 2014 at 4:46 pm |

    The “Black Bloc” have been a known covert government agitator tactic for years! How are people still talking about them as if they are actual protesters!?

    Cops disguise themselves as protesters, antagonise the cops so the cops can violently attack the peaceful protesters while the so-called “black bloc” members disappear into the crowd. These scum bags have been caught on camera a bunch of times and this tactic has been documented time and time again.

    Peaceful large scale protests are most easily dismissed by the public when they can painted as mindless angry mobs. Not to mention the benefit the cops see from being able to tear gas and beat the protesters!

    • Rhoid Rager | Jun 3, 2014 at 7:06 pm |

      If you think that peaceful protest is a tactic that all are willing to take, then you would be sorely mistaken. Expecting people to roll over and die without a fight–and that fight may take a variety of forms, including the black bloc–is a naive, establishment perspective.

  3. Number1Framer | Jun 4, 2014 at 1:31 am |

    First of all, proper use of the phrase “black bloc” references a protest tactic, not a particular group. It’s not a proper noun, it describes a group who all dress for anonymity for their own safety.

    Second of all, I got to witness them in action firsthand at the NATO protest in Chicago in 2012. There is a whole different side to black bloc that is unknown to the segment of media that acknowledges them. Other actions include: distracting the pigs while freeing detained protestors, spoon feeding detained protestors who have been left to rot tied to a barricade for hours upon hours (medical conditions anyone?), and leading pigs on wild goose chases so the main crowd can take the street or avoid a kettle. There is the radical aspect, but every protest group has its “heavy lifters,” infiltrators, and provocateurs. Bricks through the window of Starbucks is what gets the clicks these days. The usual fear porn bullshit.

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