Coincidence Control Network: Episode 67


This week: California’s mayor bullies bullies, That ain’t no Yeti. Uri Geller…sigh, German Cat slinging, HR Dieder…too soon?, Florida: the endless story machine, plus much more.

PersonnelKim Monaghan, Frater Isla, and Joe Nolan


  • CA Mayor to Bullying Victims: “Grow a Pair” Link
  • Is Yeti a Bear? – Link
  • Uri Geller’s Spoon Gorilla Link
  • German Cat-Weapons of the Middle Ages – Link
  • Goodbye HR Giger – Link
  • FLORIDA WATCH: Representative Says Common Core Program Makes Kids Gay Link
  • McScary – LinkLink
  • The Case of the Parisian Penis Rooster – Link
  • Best Speech Ever – Link


Serge Gainsbourg


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Coincidence Control Network: Episode 65
Coincidence Control Network: Episode 65

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