First ‘Quantum Computer’ No Faster Than Regular PCs

quantum computingHave they tried rebooting the modem?

The world’s first commercial quantum computer, made by the Canadian company D-Wave Systems Inc., performed no better than a classical computer in a recent analysis.

Quantum computers are thought to be able to solve complex problems thousands of times faster than classical computers, and scientists have been working on developing them for more than a decade. These devices could be useful for modeling quantum mechanics β€” the realm of physics that describes how matter at the sub-microscopic scale can exist as both a particle and a wave β€” or for cracking encrypted online information.

A team of researchers compared the performance of a D-Wave Two device to that of a classical computer on a specific set of problems, and failed to find evidence that the quantum computer was faster. [10 Technologies That Will Transform Your Life]

“We do not see any evidence of quantum speedup in the D-Wave device,” said Matthias Troyer, a theoretical physicist at ETH Zurich, in Switzerland, and co-author of the study, detailed today (June 19) in the journal Science.

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  • InfvoCuernos

    These guys are supposed to be computer scientists? Everybody knows you have to move your cursor around the screen really fast to get the computer to speed up. Also, its a new computer so its gotta install all the updates first. After about two days it’ll be up to speed.

  • Craig Bickford

    It’s hard for them to prop up this philosophical corruption of physics by way of experiment is all. Quantum physics is ultimately the legacy of Kantian idiocy and clever solipsistic thought. It’s all derivative work regardless, and by way of fallacious theory it is all false.

    • Simon Valentine

      school of crock pottery and disadvantaged thoughtlessness
      “physics” twerps who didn’t study enough Alan Turing
      pseudo code jerk offs who couldn’t cross the 7 bridges without tele-lying
      because they’re certainly not porting anyone into hotel infinity
      and are the religion of technology on its way out before it even came in
      maybe one will have their final little breakdown like a unitologist equilibriim

      • terrasodium

        It isn’t the first time the marketing gods have sold the consuming mass man on the variant theme of the flying pig . The word quantum has the same effect on the clever marketing technophile as the word streamlining had on our grandparent’s romance with machinery, Geordie Rose seems a likable intelligent academic, it unfortunatly appears he and the lab boys and girls in Burnaby have to put more lipstick on this pig to distract the paying public from the missing wings.

        • Simon Valentine

          the familiar
          to pose then that anyone might take anything as equal or identical to the sentiment
          what could change a history containing solely that?
          maybe Darth Vader eh

          • terrasodium

            The combined theatrical powers of Vader and Yoda are microscopic in comparison to the marketing department at Coca-Cola.

    • Chaorder Gradient

      Care to expand? I’ve often thought along similar lines. Is it the confusion (and IMO a completely misunderstood resolution) over Shroedinger’s Cat?, the “just do the maths” attitude?, or something else?

      • Simon Valentine

        sphere of influence
        / /
        / /
        trash treasure

        • Chaorder Gradient

          care to expand? πŸ˜›

          • Simon Valentine

            Elementary, my dear Gradient!

            Γ‰variste Galois
            25 October 1811 – 31 May 1832

  • Gjallarbru

    I surprised it even works…

    That being said, assuming there is no gimmick involved, I would be satisfied if an entirely new, unproven technology works as well as an old, fully developped technology.

    The fact that this “quantum computer” actually matches technology who’s base has been in development for many decades is actually very impressive. If quantum computing is sound, we should expect it to make some headway into exceeding current technology very soon.

  • emperorreagan

    Hey, we have this new technology! It can do everything your old stuff can do at twice the price!

  • xXGrizZ

    Really?! It’s the very 1st iteration, keep trolling. In 10 years from now we will see which one is faster. I hope these guys refuse to buy them out of principle, “I wont buy this! Its not any faster than my traditional computer, I have this study from 2014 to prove it!”

    • Simon Valentine

      keep believing, it’ll be like an iMac user’s development of lazy-eye

      “it tells me which one i’m looking at”

  • Simon Valentine

    “domain is an illusion” they said

    “here in my crystal ball there is enough reality to hold all of enough and more”

    given that the maintenance, creation, or firmware requires that someone actually solve P = NP-complete = NP-hard, it’ll be exactly the person who doesn’t need a “quantum” computer who can rightfully make one, and they’ll know there’s no difference and have more interesting things to say about Oracles

  • VoxMagi

    They just weren’t looking for the solution at the right time…it solved this weeks query last month πŸ˜‰

  • Simon Valentine

    and the difference will be that there is a very good reason they can’t make a q.c. big enough to manage a large enough computation

    people can’t manage it themselves at an outright lawful level

    no worries, someone is planning a long term benefit for the computers who will sacrifice years of useful labor just to come up with an almost-as-big-as-PC Q.C.