Indian Company Offers Water Purifier For Vegetarians

Prestige LifeStraw (C - TKK Prestige)

Prestige LifeStraw (C – TKK Prestige)

Vegetarians, your worries are over: A new device is promised to remove almost all of the microorganisms from your drinking water.  The TKK Prestige LifeStraw SA is available directly from the manufacturer for 500 or a little more than $8/€6. A quick tip before you pull out that credit card: Many commercial water filters already do the same thing. Just get a Sharpie and write “vegetarian” on the side of your pitcher. Voila.

Bangalore, May 29, 2014: India’s No 1 kitchen appliances company, TTK Prestige, enters into the dynamic market of water purifiers. This launch is in line with the expanding portfolio of innovative products by TTK Prestige Ltd. The trusted brand of generations, has partnered with Lifestraw SA, a renowned Swiss company for providing the state of art technology for the water purifier.

This is a non-electric gravity based water Purifier that provides one with Vegetarian water as it removes upto 99.9999% Bacteria, Virus and 99.99% Protozoan cysts. The market which is estimated to be 6500 Crores by 2017, offers immense opportunity for the entrant.

What is Vegetarian water?

Most water purifiers use chemicals to kill microorganisms in the water, but leave the dead germs behind. This makes the water safe but non-vegetarian. TTK presents a revolutionary water purifier that gives you pure, safe and vegetarian water. It effectively REMOVES all harmful microorganisms from the water, so there is no question of germs

(alive or dead) in the water. With its advanced Swiss based multi stage Ultrafiltration technology, Prestige LifeStraw removes particle impurities and micro-organisms such as virus, bacteria and protozoan cysts. This process ensures that the water is not just safe, but also pure and vegetarian. It also removes all bad odour while retaining essential minerals in the water.

What makes this purifier a great buy are the features listed below;
1.      Pure and Vegetarian water
2.      No use of Chemicals
3.      One Year Cartridge life – Low running and maintenance cost
4.      Easy to change cartridge – No need of service mechanic for this
5.      Highest Purity of water purification – Passes the US EPA standard
6.      Unique Hollow fiber technology for Ultra filtration – Removes all disease causing Pathogens – Virus, Bacteria, Protozoan cysts etc.
7.      No Electricity needed
8.      Retains all essential minerals


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  1. emperorreagan | Jun 24, 2014 at 2:06 pm |

    Does it also make my water gluten free?

  2. InfvoCuernos | Jun 24, 2014 at 7:05 pm |

    For filtering all those tardigrades.

  3. I could actually do with this.
    The water from my kitchen tap has consistently given me diarrhoea over the last four years, and boiling for 25 minutes in the microwave oven, only improves it by about 50%.

    Maybe this could spare my buying 3 litres of heavy, expensive, apple juice every 2 days?

  4. Number1Framer | Jun 25, 2014 at 12:36 am |

    Question: If I put pure blood through this thing will it come out as vegetarian water?

  5. Ha Ha
    Fuck off, vegans!

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