Man Mistakenly Released From Prison In 2008 Must Return To Serve 98 Years For Armed Robberies

Pic: Rene and family (C) - taken from

Pic: Rene and family (C) – taken from

Rene Lima-Marin served ten years connected with two armed robberies. He was released in 2008, but this was supposedly a mistake. A judge has ruled that he must return to prison to serve the rest of a 98 year sentence.

His family has set up an online petition to help generate support for his immediate release.

Via KCTV 5:

BURLINGTON, CO (KDVR/CNN) – A man broke his silence from behind bars, speaking out about spending the rest of his life in prison.

Rene Lima-Marin was 19 years old when he robbed two video stores armed with a gun.

He served 10 years and was released in April 2008, but that turned out to be a mistake.

He says the rifle he used in the robberies wasn’t loaded, and no one was hurt. But his case was aggressively prosecuted under a program called “Cop,” a program which is no longer in use.

Eight convictions led to a 98-year sentence, one he says is excessively harsh for a crime normally carrying four to 16 years.

Lima-Marin had it all: a wife, kids, a home.

“It’s that every day, happy, white-picket-fence type of life,” he said.

It’s a life he never imagined could be his as a convicted felon.

“What makes this that much harder, is the fact I constantly have them right here,” Lima-Marin said.

It’s a life that vanished overnight Jan. 7, when a judge sent him back to prison to finish a 98-year sentence.

“Ninety-eight years for what? You know, for what?” Lima-Marin said

It’s a sentence his appeals lawyer told him was just 16 years.

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