Occult Sentinel Podcast: Maraya Karena

(posted with permission)

(used with permission)

In episode 48 of the Occult Sentinel Podcast, Joe Moore interviews Maraya Karena about the collapse of the New Age, Cyborg Anthropology, Mystic Permaculture, Process Work, and more.

We go all over the map with this interview. I loved recording with the fascinating and powerful Maraya and hope to do it again in the near future.

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About Maraya Karena: 

“I am a cyborg anthropologist and massage therapist.

This means that I study the relationship between humans and technology and that I study the body and the healing arts. To me these are not separate. To me these areas are very much connected.

They come together in texture of our felt experience. They come together in the tapestries of our created environments. They come together in the dynamic ecology of nature, people and technology that forms what the world is.”

About Occult Sentinel:

Occult Sentinel is a podcast covering the hermetic arts, secret societies and various spiritual traditions.

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  2. Who is this “Joe Moore”? Stoked to be listed on Disinfo again. 🙂

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