Salon Writer Stunned To Learn What She Sees On ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ Isn’t Really Real

PIC: Sydney Long (C)

PIC: Sydney Long (C)

“The quick wit we’ve come to expect from Honey Boo Boo…”

“The quick wit we’ve come to expect from Honey Boo Boo…”

“The quick wit we’ve come to expect from Honey Boo Boo…”

It should be noted that a good portion of the interview was cut down for the broadcast, mostly, I’m sure, for the sake of time. Still, the interview I watched on television that evening felt nothing like it had in the studio. Many of the major beats were there — Alana telling Fallon that he wasn’t so big and bad, the point where she refused to give him a friendship bracelet — but the broadcast left out all of the eerie tension.

For example, the friendship bracelet moment seems cute and quick on TV, but in person, it was actually kind of agonizing. It didn’t just happen once, but several times, and the more it was discussed, the more openly hostile Boo Boo became. And in addition to the friendship bracelet crisis, the episode left out some deeply uncomfortable spats between Mama June and Alana. You see it a bit in the broadcast, but Mama June was continually either answering questions on behalf of Boo Boo or mumbling answers to her. The quick wit we’ve come to expect from Honey Boo Boo was nowhere to be seen, but instead it was fed to her by her pageant mom. The scene reminded me of the cringe-worthy “Today” show interview with Kate Gosselin and her twin daughters, Mady and Cara – the one where the 13-year-old girls fell silent when asked if they were doing OK.

But the most notable moment to be left out of Honey Boo Boo’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” was when she became so fed up that she actually struck Mama June. Up until this point, Fallon had been doing a great job of navigating Alana’s weird behavior, but it was at this moment when he became positively awesome. “NEVER hit your mother!” he exclaimed, in a voice that was serious with just a hint of a joke, and the studio audience erupted in applause. Finally, we thought, someone is addressing this child’s attitude.

But really, it’s television, so instead of getting a timeout for hitting her mom, Alana was handed pompoms and asked to lead the audience in a cheer. We reluctantly played along for Jimmy’s sake, but it felt strange, like we were giving her some kind of reward for her behavior.

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  • Number1Framer

    Please Matt – stop posting this stuff as it’s shattering my delicate, electronically induced perceptions of what ‘reality’ is supposed to be or mean. What are you going to tell me next – that the guys who star on Duck Dynasty are actually pretty boys who just act rednecky for the cameras? Wait, erg…ooops; my brain just took a dump inside my skull. Anyone wanna go crabfishing or gator wrasslin next weekend?

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      Crabs is good eatin’.

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        not if they’re in your pants

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    ⸘alas, poor matt. he trolled reality well‽

  • Gjallarbru

    I refuse to believe honey boo boo is a real show, never mind that what it shows is real.

  • BuzzCoastin

    in the early 16th century
    Shakespeare was popular entertainment
    implying that the common folk were most erudite
    compared to today’s average shmoe
    who ponders the musings of funky huhu

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    The first rule of DISINFO club is : We do not talk about Honey Boo Boo!!!

    The second rule of DISINFO club is : WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT HONEY BOO BOO!!!

    You are dead to us.

    His name was Matt Staggs. His name was Matt Staggs. His name was Matt Staggs.

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      NOW my comment down below makes more sense…