Scientists Hope to Program Robots To Be More Neurotic

Picture: Flickr user (((o.kvlt))) (CC)

Picture: Flickr user (((o.kvlt))) (CC)

I, Robot. I guess. I mean, like, aren’t we all robots in a way? Who am I? What do I know? I wonder if she thought I was rude. I bet she did. Am I rude? Maybe so. Did I leave the oven on? Oh, God. I did, didn’t I? Should I have completed my masters degree? Oh – wait. Human. There’s a human here. I’ve been caught daydreaming. I’d better be extra nice. “Greetings. May I assist you, Sir?” Oh, no no no no no… He’s staring. I’ll be melted down to slag for sure. C3PO, you’ve ruined it for all of us, you golden nincompoop… “What was that, sir? Yes, I’m quite certain that I’ve programmed your vehicle with the correct coordinates.” OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD…

A group of researchers is exploring the possibility of programming robot brains to be more “neurotic” in order to help them make more human-like decisions. Discovery News reported on one team’s findings which were presented this week at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Hong Kong.

Jeff Krichmar, a professor of cognitive science at the University of California, Irvine, told Discovery, “We’re trying to make the robot brain more like human brain.

via The Raw Story.

  • erte4wt4etrg

    So are the bots supposed to replace us or something?

    • BuzzCoastin

      wee are becoming more robotic, more machine like
      and wee project that on to c3poz
      so as to not notice

  • BuzzCoastin

    and robots have been programing us to be more like them
    and they’re winning

    • Lookinfor Buford

      Possessions and Technology – the more you have, the more they have you.

    • ÿ

      just let the letters click together
      it’ll all be over soon…

  • Ted Heistman

    I have a feeling people are going to be really really mean and rude to robots. They will take out all their frustrations on them, and they will constantly play pranks on them. I think most people will never give a robot a straight answer.

    • Adamas Macalz

      wait a member of society that has no rights and has to put up with all my shit like I put up with my boss’s? you have the truth of it. I don’t really think giving robots any sense of emotion is a good idea. it’s seems unnecessarily cruel.

  • Ted Heistman

    This is actually a pretty funny intro!