Star Trek Warp Drive Could Really Enable Interstellar Travel


(C) Mark Rademaker

Continuing the theme of Star Trek tech becoming a reality, NASA scientist Dr. Harold White has designed a model, the ISX Enterprise, using a space-time bending Alcubierre drive, which is not dissimilar to Gene Roddenberry’s legendary warp drive, reports the Daily Mail:

Last month, Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan unveiled his next science-fiction blockbuster.

Called Interstellar, it envisages a future where travel to other stars is not only a possibility but a necessity, and tasks actor Matthew McConaughey with leading the main mission.

But a Nasa scientist claims such a mission isn’t necessarily just something reserved for science fiction – and has revealed a Star Trek-style ship that could make interstellar travel a reality.

Dr Harold White is famous for suggesting that faster than light (FTL) travel is possible.

Using something known as an Alcubierre drive, named after a Mexican theoretical physicist of the same name, Dr White said it is possible to ‘bend’ space-time, and cover large distances almost instantly.

This, in essence, would allow a spaceship to travel almost anywhere in a tiny fraction of the time it would take a conventional spacecraft.

The ship in Nolan’s Interstellar movie, as well as those in Star Trek, employ a warp engine.

And, in a series of new renders, Dr White reveals how a real spacecraft dubbed the IXS Enterprise could do the same thing.

IXS Enterprise (Work in Progress)

(C) Mark Rademaker

The images are based on the artist who created the original look for the famous USS Enterprise ship from Star Trek – Matthew Jeffries.

To make the latest renders Dr White employed the help of artist Mark Rademaker and graphic designer Mike Okuda. [check out their Flickr gallery of the IXS Enterprise]

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    And what will be the long term effect of high traffic long range space-time manipulation on local space-time? Will we end up exposing the local system to dangerous variable phenomenon from the destination end?

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