Two dead, Three Injured In Attempt To Retrieve Cell Phone Dropped Into Open-Pit Toilet

CellphonesNot to make light of the loss of life here, but I sincerely doubt that the cell phone was even going to work after falling into an open-pit toilet. If it did, would want to put it next to their face, anyway? (You’ve got a collect call from dysentery. Will you accept the charges?)

A man and his mother died and three more were injured in a cesspool in Henan province after the man’s wife accidentally dropped her “expensive” cellphone into a toilet.

The woman had dropped the 2,000 yuan ($320) cellphone in a open-pit toilet, reported local newspaper Dahe Daily. Her husband jumped in to try to find the cellphone but was overcome by the fumes and lost consciousness. His mother went into the cesspit to try to help her son, but also fainted. In panic, the wife and her father-in-law followed immediately, but suffered similar fates, caused by the overpowering fumes. Two neighbors then entered the tank and became ill as well.

via Two dead after trying to retrieve cellphone in cesspit of ‘overpowering’ smells: Shanghaiist.

  • nicholas p.

    sounds like a “shitty” situation if you ask me.

    • KiraListonacu

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  • aaron

    Kinda weird that some places have expensive smart phones yet still have open pit toilets like the one in the picture when you click the link on here for the origonal article.

    • BuzzCoastin

      China never had in-house toilets till very recently
      everywhere I went in China
      there were free public shitters every 100 yards or so
      it’s been like that for thousands of years

      • aaron

        I can understand that and knew thay I just was saying the fact that it is open pit toilet like an outhouse and not some sort of plumbing system is weird when you have an expensive smartphone just because it shows the extremes in of both sides of technological advances or lack there of.

        • BuzzCoastin

          most large neighborhoods have large public markets
          with pit toilet & 25 smartphone shops
          but I too doubt a big spender frequents those places

  • Andrew

    There is a God!

  • Number1Framer

    Many insurance policies for smart phones will only replace a broken device, but not a missing one. Getting it back would save up to $250 on the deductible if that was the case (and depending on the model). I probably would have attempted to fashion some kind of hook-on-a-stick device or something before jumping in though, sheesh…

    • aaron

      Im wondering if chinese cellphone companies even offer insurance policies or if they do they would even have similar policies.

      • Number1Framer

        Who knows what they do over there. Also I misspoke: the (up to) $250 is the deductible if you have the phone. If you don’t have it, you’re out $500-800 for a new one. This of course all varies by phone and the shittiness of the coverage. When I’m in the wilderness taking pics, I’m prepared for the possibility of having to chase my suddenly bricked phone down a river to save a week’s pay if I drop it.

  • ÿ

    When did The Onion become real life?

  • patlalrique

    Oh my God! People please! Why they had to do that in the first place?

  • 1plakat

    sometimes its better not to give a shit.

  • Mr B

    ‘Her husband jumped in to try to find the cellphone but …’

    Fell in – unlucky, overcome by fumes whilst using a pole – same, but ‘jumped in’?
    Sorry, no sympathy.

  • Oginikwe

    “If it did, would want to put it next to their face, anyway? (You’ve got a
    collect call from dysentery. Will you accept the charges?)”
    My neighbor lost his top dentures down the toilet: he spent a day digging through his septic tank to get them back.
    After that, every time he smiled, that was all I could think of.
    Nothing surprises me when it comes to human beings, money, and replacement costs.