Woman Accused Of Poisoning Son To Death With Salt – Munchausen Suspected

AP999044968381-239x300It’s Munchausen by Proxy, actually. Terrible nonetheless.

Investigators suspect the single mother may have poisoned her child at least twice, once before his seizures and again when his sodium spiked. Both incidents occurred in January. But they also suspect his medical abuse went back much further — fueled by the social media attention she gained on Facebook, Twitter and blogs, according to local news reports.

When Garnett was 5 days old, he reportedly went to an Alabama hospital with a high fever and ear infection. He had fluid in his ears, according to Spears’s statement to police.

At 10 weeks, she said he stopped breathing at the same time his sodium level climbed. At the time, doctors could not explain why.

Garnett purportedly had trouble gaining weight and, at 9 months, doctors put in a feeding tube.

By age 2, he was in and out of emergency rooms in Florida — once with a staph infection and blood leaking from his ears and his nose.

In her statement, Spears spewed medical and hospital jargon while describing her son’s medical woes, according to the indictment.

In January, when Garnett’s sodium hit a suspiciously high level, doctors at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, N.Y., alerted police. Witnesses told the Journal News they saw a doctor confront Spears, saying it was “metabolically impossible” for her son’s body to produce that much sodium and that “something isn’t right.”

Days before Garnett died, he was reportedly awake and talking when friends came to visit. One friend said the boy told her, “Don’t leave me.”

The indictment stated Spears stayed in Garnett’s hospital room.

Assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd said Spears took her son into the hospital room’s private bathroom and injected the sodium into the feeding tube in his stomach.

“This mother was intentionally feeding her son salt in toxic levels,” he said.

via Woman accused of fatally poisoning son in Munchausen case – The Washington Post.

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  1. Yes, pope Fran©is
    People should breed more often
    instead of having pets as “surrogate children”

    Really inspiring example for that whole “case for life”® thing

    • kowalityjesus | Jun 23, 2014 at 3:32 pm |

      why is it illegal for her to kill her dependent child after he leaves the womb? Shouldn’t she have the right to end his life?

      • mindless breeding for children.
        ~1 billion humans facing starvation on any given day.
        finite resources.
        profit motive.
        This seems like it will end well.

        having a child she wasn’t prepared to care for and allowing it to live (even a short while) in utter misery
        is the real crime
        & unfortunately, personal responsibility only extends so far
        in light of numerous systemic failures
        in the environment
        external & internal

        Amazing how the death-obsessed xtians are obsessed with “life”
        But none of the consequences

        Growth for growth’s sake
        is called cancer.

        This new Roman pope rails against one outbreak
        while pointlessly cheering on another

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