Artist Creates Stunning Sculptures From Beehives

I was looking for articles about honeybees to post on True Mind’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and I came across the artwork of beekeeper Ren Ri. It’s stunning and I thought that the Disinfo community might be interested as well. He creates everything out of bits of beehive and beeswax.

via Alessandro De Toni Cool Hunting:


Artist Ren Ri (who trained at Tsinghua Academy of Art and Saint Petersburg State University in Russia) creates art that is influenced by his childhood—one that occurred amongst the beautiful scenery of Wuhan’s lush vegetation. “Back then, I was spending a lot of time observing animals and plants; my passion for moulding was parallel to an interest for insect ethology,” he recalls. Thus came the inspiration for his project “Yuansu II” which is crafted from the extraordinary medium of beeswax.


The artist’s unconventional medium is fascinating and has a life of its own—adding character and volatility to each piece of art. Ren Ri explains, “Beeswax is a very special material; it’s unstable and can change shape with temperature. The structure of wax cells is orthohexagonal, which is an inconceivable feature in the natural world and it’s a peculiarity of honeybees. Another reason behind the choice of bees is that I wanted to try to eliminate the subjectivity of the artist and the mediation of bees served this purpose.”


The complexity of beeswax structures, the use of bees as a tool and medium, and the fascinating relationship between humans and nature are all signatures of Ren Ri’s work. And the artist intends to further research and explore the possibilities of using the resourceful insect as his peculiar but powerful artistic language.

The whole “Yuansu” series can be seen at Beijing’s CAFA Museum until the 20 June 2014, while “Yuansu II” is on show at Hangzhou’s T-Museum during the exhibition “Fusion-Convergence,” until 7 August.


Read the entire article here. De Toni goes deeper into Ri’s background and explores the symbolism in his work, so read it!

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  1. Bit harsh, but is what springs to mind:

    ‘Cause it’s all about money, ain’t a damn thing funny
    You got to have a con in this land of milk and honey”

    ~ Grandmaster Flash – The Message.

  2. Number1Framer | Jul 25, 2014 at 11:32 pm |

    These are fantastic. I love it when artists can create something that takes on a life and determination of its own.

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