Coincidence Control Network: Episode Sexy 69


This week: We salute the changing of the guard at DisInfo, Bad vibes in Isla-Town, Vlad the Impaler found!, Washington hippy news, Ouija boards now on the NHS, Get that vag in shape!, Soooo Normcore, Spotty Mars logic, and get your folk on with shirley Collins.

PersonnelJoe Nolan, Frater Isla, and Ken Eakins


  • Farewell, Matt Staggs – Link
  • Bad Vibes in Texas Link
  • Dracula is buried in Italy…apparently – Link
  • Stoned State: Weed in Washington Link
  • Diagnosis: Ouija Board LinkLink
  • Vaginal fitness tracker – Link
  • What’s a Normcore? Link
  • Rover Spots Mars UFO? Link
  • Shirley Collins Campaign Link

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