A Gallery of Propaganda on the Centennial of the “Great” War

3g03189u-1584 3g03350u-1587 3g03353u-1585 3g03691u-1597 3g04257u-1600 3g06234u-1614100 years ago this month, a war began that shattered all sorts of illusions in Western Civilization.   That “Great,” quite rather than a superlative of “good,” is connoted to imply anything but the mammoth scale of the event and its resulting painful, festering, living legacy.

“The War to End All Wars,” a title that naively suggested that the living memory of suffering and atrocity is the strongest safeguard against it.

See even more here: World War I propaganda posters.

Kowality Jesus

Kowality Jesus

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Kowality Jesus

3 Comments on "A Gallery of Propaganda on the Centennial of the “Great” War"

  1. Learning history in grade school, I always found it odd that Great Britain went from being America’s mortal foe to best friend just in time for WWI. No explanation. Just “Lusitania”.

    Later I learned about anti-German immigration hysteria, the first such European “other” panic to sweep America.

    Then I learned how significant a role yellow journalism played in the run up to the initiation of the first great American Imperialist Project: The Spanish-American War.

    The final piece of the puzzle proved key: the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

    As always, follow the money.

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