Jesse Ventura Claims Loss of Work and Income Due to Defamation

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.11.46 PMFormer Governor of Minnesota (and ex-Navy SEAL, pro wrestler, TV host, author and general badass political gadfly) Jesse Ventura is suing the estate of Chris Kyle (who wrote the 2012 bestseller American Sniper) for defamation. In the book Kyle claimed that he punched out Ventura after the latter publicly derided dead SEALs in a California bar popular with SEALs. The trial is ongoing in federal court in St. Paul, MN and needless to say there is conflicting testimony, reported here by In this excerpt we learn of the Governor’s loss of reputation and income:

Chuck Webber, an attorney for the Kyle estate, cross-examined Ventura for much of the morning. Webber raised many of Ventura’s own colorful statements in an effort to illustrate that the former professional wrestler and celebrity needed no help from Kyle in sullying his own name.

Those ranged from a news conference outside a courthouse in which Ventura declared he was seeking Mexican citizenship to escape the “Fascist States of America” to a book passage that described “an Army run by Christianist extremists” to another passage saying women had to expect some level of harassment on the street.

Ventura said controversy and offensiveness were in the eye of the beholder. It wasn’t up to him, he said, to say how other people reacted to him.

“You’re not aware of what your reputation is?” Webber asked, pressing Ventura to admit that he had a penchant for controversy.

“Is anyone aware of what their reputation is?” Ventura responded.

Webber named a number of witnesses who he said would testify that they saw or heard parts of Kyle’s story happen. Were they all wrong? he asked.

They were, Ventura said.

Did Ventura sue to get back at Kyle for an embarrassing but true story? Webber asked.

Ventura said he did not.

Webber also delved into whether the book had hurt Ventura’s earnings.

Tax returns showed Ventura made more than $13 million in the decade before “American Sniper’s” release. Much of that came from his contract for an MSNBC talk show in 2003-05, but Ventura took in $676,000 in 2011, the year before the book came out.

After Kyle’s autobiography was released, Ventura’s earnings dipped to $190,000 in 2012. Ventura said job offers, usually plentiful, “came to a screeching halt.” The third season of his TruTV series “Conspiracy Theory” was put on hold because of the story, he said, and the series eventually was canceled.

Webber asked if anyone told Ventura they wouldn’t hire him because of Kyle’s story.

“They never tell you why,” Ventura said.

Could he quantify how much money the story had cost him?

Ventura acknowledged he could not…

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10 Comments on "Jesse Ventura Claims Loss of Work and Income Due to Defamation"

  1. Posthuman | Jul 15, 2014 at 3:56 pm |

    He aligned with Alex Jones and did it to himself. And that TV show was terrible…

    • Echar Lailoken | Jul 15, 2014 at 7:11 pm |

      I didn’t realized he associated himself with Alex Jones. He’s went down quite a few notches in my book.

  2. Rhoid Rager | Jul 15, 2014 at 5:18 pm |

    what a circus

  3. He earned $13 million in one decade and now can’t get by on $190,000? Has it occurred to him that he’s an aging lightening rod for controversy and as such is just passe? I can hardly feel sorry for him when $13 million in our hands would free our entire families and all of our friends from debt if not our entire small town.

  4. InfvoCuernos | Jul 16, 2014 at 12:59 am |

    You know, I have read Chris Kyle’s book, and he does not name Jesse Ventura explicitly. I think this whole thing reflects poorly on someone who was at one time considered the frontrunner for a third party president(not that he had much chance of breaking in to the two party system we have). Chris Kyle’s book was like listening to the national anthem for 8 hours-overly patriotic. I can’t see it as anything other than deliberate propaganda that’s been crafted by the govt. and Jesse going coocoo for cocopuffs chasing after the widow’s money over a story about him acting like a douchebag (and unpatriotic) has acted as an extra bonus for the G.

    • Echar Lailoken | Jul 16, 2014 at 2:03 pm |

      He calls him Mr. Scruffy face in the book. He divulged later that Ventura represents Mr. Scruffy face.

  5. Jamestown Colonist | Jul 16, 2014 at 10:38 pm |

    The SEALS are a bunch of retards. They defending the corporate interests
    and the Banks on Wall Street. Marine Corps General Smedley Butler
    said it best WAR IS A RACKET and it still is today. The SEALS are
    literally brainwashed tools of corporate America. Men like Ventura
    have come out of the haze a little bit that the brainwashing process
    causes in the SEALS. If this story about the fight is true then that
    constitutes an assault and our lame brain braggart SEAL Kyle should
    spend sometime in JAIL. That is where this guy belongs, if he did it.
    The trouble is Ventura is denying that there was a fight. This guy
    Kyle brags about it like retard. He attacked an old man. Kyle is no
    better than low life criminal predators that prey on the old and weak
    in the Ghettos of America. Beating up an old man is predator
    behavior. Kyle is a real piece of shit in my book. I guess that Kyle
    is the kind of material the SEAL team attracts. They kind of guy that
    preys on old men. Then again you do not go into the SEALS because you
    have high morals.

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