What kind of metal is this? Why, I believe it’s Thelemite!


heislegend-heavyfruitI am pleased as punch to see that my favorite band, He Is Legend, are due to release their 4th full length album “Heavy Fruit” on August 19th.  Their style of rock weighs heavy with whiskey, cigarettes, and magick overtones.  Over the course of their career, their sound has progressed with a kind of southern fried metal that satisfies on a visceral level while conveying well articulated lyrics.  Many themes in the new record revolve around the witchery of them womenfolk in all of their good and malevolent ways.  Schulyar Croom’s voice is like gilded razor wire as he swaggers through track after track.  I hope you enjoy their new work as much as I do and pick up a copy of their album, come August 19th.


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  • Jimbo Slice

    This made my day!!! He Is Legend is one of my favorite bands as well, I’m so stoked for this new album.

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