A New User-Generated News and Information Aggregate Site That Shows A Lot of Promise: Whoaverse

A New User-Generated News and Information Aggregate Site That Shows A Lot of Promise: Whoaverse

World Wide Webvia chycho

If you, like me, share and acquire news and information and entertain and are entertained by browsing forums and user-generated news and information aggregate sites, then you should be aware, there is a new player in town and it shows a lot of promise.

whoaverse.com is in its early alpha stage right now but the buzz its creating is intoxicating. I haven’t felt this much excitement about sharing information online for quite some time.

The admins of the site appear to be dedicated to transparency and at present are very receptive to suggestions on how the site should be managed. Have your say, I have already had mine. Here is my take regarding default subs:

1) “Personally, I don’t think there should be any defaults if at all possible. I think once people join they should see the top subs and be able to click on the ones that they want to join, like a list.”

2) “I think there should be no defaults, but a list from which people can choose what they want as their defaults. I also think this should be implemented as soon as possible before the flood really begins, because it’s coming.

“Just imagine what a beauty it would be if as soon as you join there is a list of the subVerses, from most to least… even an option to categorize the subs based on a certain topic.

“IMHO, The main downfall of Reddit (2, 3, 4, 5) was that there were defaults, so people were being herded into specific locations. It made it way too easy to manipulate.”

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  • Cortacespedes

    Hmmmm, it’s almost exactly like Reddit but with an owl as a mascot instead of a teletubby. A marked improvement.

    I shall check out this ‘whoa, verse’, with my arsenal of poetry at the ready.

    • https://twitter.com/anti_euclidean ÿ
      • Cortacespedes

        Well, yes. Strange but true. I should have said “owl-like”.

        Tiz an owlcat. Here is its family photo…

        A triumph of hybrid breeding.

        Besides, what cat goes “who”?

        • https://twitter.com/anti_euclidean ÿ

          Okay I can see how that works out…


          Wait… it’s “who” not “whoa“? Why is duh INTERWEBZ SO CONFUSING!?!?!?!

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  • Simon Valentine

    oh no
    look out
    the aggregated sheep are were-federal hounds!

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  • VaudeVillain

    Oh sweet, another website for people to treat as the center of all world culture and I can efficiently ignore them!