A Saga of Shrooms and Nude Modeling


Psilocybin (Photo credit: Spencer Mann) (CC)

I must give it to this guy, I know from experience that tripping in public is a brave move. I can’t say I have experienced nude modeling though.

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The great thing about drugs is that they’re an instant cure for boredom. And I’ve been pretty bored lately. Rather than do something constructive, I decided to entertain myself by picking up a half ounce of shrooms and doing some nude modeling at an art studio. I figured it would be an interesting story to tell at the bar afterward with some friends. Maybe have a few drinks, a few laughs, and forget about the whole thing the next day.


 It’s this kind of impulsive naivete’ that resulted in one of the more horrific and sexually confusing episodes of my life.

 I’m not entirely sure how legal this whole thing is, so I wont get into specifics, but what I can tell you is that the studio I decided on was actually a large theatre in a decent area of town that doubled as both a visual arts center as well as a ritzy cinema.

 I had been given instructions in the weeks preceding from the director, so come my scheduled date, I arrived fifteen minutes early with a robe, driver’s license, and a half eighth already weaving through my gastrointestinal tract.

 I filled out some paperwork in the office, and then made a beeline to the dressing room for some more psychedelic pregaming.

 And by dressing room, I mean a lockless stall in a bathroom downstairs.

 While pissing in and around the toilet, I swallowed the rest of the eighth.










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