Set Your Good Vibe Blasters on High! Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan Talks Yoga, Meditation, Psychedelics and More on Midwest Real.

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Yoga, meditation, float tanks, psychedelics, philosophy, creativity, freedom nuggets and shit on the water slide of life.

Liam Wilson Liam Wilson is best known for playing bass in the spastic, technical, incredible progressive metal mainstay, Dillinger Escape Plan. If you’re a fan of heavy music and you somehow haven’t heard of them over the course of the last 15 or so years, I don’t even know what to say.

For those in the “not so much into metal” camp, fear not! This man is likely the opposite of what comes to mind when you imagine a guy with millions of head bangs under his belt. He’s a voracious reader, a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, a yogi, a psychonaut, a student of many philosophies, and a bunch of other things I can guarantee he’d never be comfortable calling himself.

We spent very little time hovering around the surface in this conversation. In fact, I think Liam might have been a little bit excited to be on a show that welcomes fare beyond the discussion of his bass rig (which is glorious, by the way).

Go give my new friend (and I do mean that!) some love on Twitter, Facebook and on some of his articles over at Talkhouse. If you want to see what his band is up to, click this.

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  • Mark Pugner

    No surprise that pseudo non-mainstream bands would be interested in such topics. From tool, meshuggah to mr. bungle and other virtuoso pretentiousness for the uebercool teenager of yesteryear, a pinch of the spiritual makes it even more appealing. guru, guru guru…. said the pigeon while spreading disease.

    Still their music makes babies cry and my plants prefer birdsongs. Douchebags

    • Craig Bickford

      You hit the nail on the head (even though I like DEP, I like some weird music though), the new age bullshit is firmly embedded in the various music scenes and has been since the 60’s when it was placed there by design. See Dave McGowan or Jan Irvin’s work. That last comment should make some people’s heads explode here on Disinfo, yip I’m looking at all you enthogen defending counter culture shills. Lap it up.

    • mauriziojuvefc

      I love Mr Bungle, Meshuggah and DEP. Not so much a Tool fan though. The first 3 bands can be considered “virtuoso” I guess but Tool (from a musician’s point of view) isn’t that complex.

      I think they’re wonderful have brought me much joy. I take it you’re a Doors fan? :)

      • Mark Pugner

        Not at all, i am not a fan of pretentious fucks who have nothing better to do than recycle the same trash over and over again. A sure sign a culture has reached its end. Take the 18th century, if you played the same piece twice to a person, they’d be bored… nowadays play sth new and the audience cant handle it. It’s a joke the lack of quality and quantity of music, especially those lazy self-loving “musicians” who consider themselves above the mainstream are the most pathetic (secret chiefs is a great example for this). Too many assholes have an enneagram.

    • mauriziojuvefc

      also, you know that the singer of the band (DEP) is an atheist?