The American Boring Awards


In light of Disinfo’s newest release, BOREDOM, we will be hosting “The American Boring Awards.” We’re currently in the nomination stage and will be taking nominations from you, dear Disinfonauts. To submit your nomination, simply comment in this thread!

And the categories are:

Most Boring Person of the Year

Most Boring Moment of The Year

Most Boring Show of The Year

Most Boring American City Of The Year

Most Boring Statement of the Year

Most Boring Performance of the Year

Most Boring Trend of The Year

Most Boring Awards Show of The Year


  • Oginikwe

    Most boring person of the year: Sarah Palin.
    Her predictable word salads and her characteristic whiny, faux anti-establishment winks and jabs are not only tedious but boorish and adolescent.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    I had some ideal nominees in mind, but I can’t quite recall their names now.

  • Tchoutoye

    Most Boring Awards Show of the Year: The American Boring Awards, obviously.

  • Number1Framer

    Can I nominate the guy living on the iceberg for Most Boring Performance?

    • ÿ

      He has to live on the iceberg first.
      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

  • Crimson

    Most boring post on Disinfo: this one. Close runners up: every other friggin poll put on here.
    What happened to Staggs???

    • The Cinematika

      He’s no longer the editor. It’s me (Marcie) now. I’m sorry that the polls seem to vehemently piss you off. lol

  • Tchoutoye

    I nominate the celebrity ice bucket challenge for Most Boring Trend of the Year.

  • Kyle W. Bradley

    person: jesse jackson, spouts the exact same racist slogans every single time something happens to a black person anywhere..its like he has a stack of notecards in his pocket.

    moment: tied for every single award episode on every reality tv show.

    show: tied between all reality television on all networks. idiocy is never entertaining.

    american city: Boise, Idaho. because you never hear anything about it..and its Boise.

    statement: put your trust in christ (or substitute your religious prophet/god/person/cult etc)

    performance: congress, 365 days a year, every year.

    trend: social media as a whole.

    awards show: tied between all of them, they are all people patting themselves on the back for being famous, no one gives a shit.

    • Dingbert

      Correction: Congress is in session ~137 days/yr. Then again, I suppose their entire lives are just one big, boring performance.

  • mileikowski

    Most Boring Person of the Year John Boehner second to John Kerry.
    Most Boring Moment of the Year reburying saddam outta Tikrit.
    Most Boring Show of the Year world cup finale.
    Most Boring American City of the Year Louisiana.
    Most Boring Statement of the Year Obama on ISIS.
    Most Boring Performance of the Year Potus pot and potting at Martha’s Graveyard.
    Most Boring Trend of the Year Joan Rivers cactus Pubic hair second to global warming.
    Most Boring Awards Show of the Year Forbes sold to anonymous Hong Kong Company.

  • Dingbert

    Most Boring Person of the Year: Barack Obama (Lame Duck overshadowed by action-packed Putin)
    Most Boring Moment of The Year: Legalization of marijuana (yeah, it’s wonderful, but we were already smoking)
    Most Boring Show of The Year: The Walking Dead (what the hell happened to the zombies?)

  • Saros7

    Teen Choice Awards, every single year. It’s the most brain washing tripe a child, tween, teen, and adult could EVER watch, though of course if they can stand the torture of it. How many times does a “celeb” have to make a comment about the “award” being a surfboard?