Russian Teens Build Swimming Pool in Living Room

I saw this on Reddit and now it appears to be making its rounds on the Internet. How do they plan on removing the water? What if the cover breaks? The whole thing gives me anxiety.


via Dangerous Minds:

Two enterprising teenagers have found a novel answer to Moscow’s current heatwave by turning a living room into their very own mini indoor pool. The big question is, whose front room have they used?


Photos appeared on social networks of the two nameless lads bathing in their DIY paddling pool. According to the Moscow Times, the pool was constructed “using a basic tarpaulin and held in place by Scotch tape”.

The boys, who hail from the Oryol region about 350 kilometers southwest of Moscow, where temperatures rose above 30 C this week according to the weather bureau, were seemingly oblivious to their unconventional setting as they posed for pool snaps amongst a radiator, some curtains and a chandelier.

It was not immediately clear how the boys planned to drain the water from their living room pool, nor whether the homeowner had consented to the bath’s construction.

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4 Comments on "Russian Teens Build Swimming Pool in Living Room"

  1. Boarczar Zila | Aug 3, 2014 at 9:52 am |

    They’re gonna be in so much trouble when their parents get home.

  2. Are we sure it’s not filled with vodka?

  3. Number1Framer | Aug 3, 2014 at 1:52 pm |

    They can drain it by using a hose as a siphon out the window. As long as the floor is high enough above ground level that the hose can reach below the floor. If this is a basement they can get some pet gators?

  4. 1 How do you get into it?
    2 How long does it take to fill it?
    3 What was their water bill?
    4 WTF?

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