Were Siberia’s Mystery Craters Caused by Explosive Methane Releases?

Screen-Shot-2014-07-19-at-8.47.14-AM-640x381Uh oh…

Via News.co.au:

The end of the world could be starting right now — in a frozen Siberian wasteland known as Yamal. It translates as “The End of the Land”.

The first mysterious crater was spotted by oil workers earlier this month. It was an 80m wide cavern that reached deep into the earth.

Since then, the Siberian Times reports goatherds have found a further two enormous vents in the ground.

Russian researchers have returned from their investigation of the first find and taken water and soil samples to help resolve how the hole was formed. Some say aliens. Some say they’re “hellmouths” — gateways to the undead.

But scientists already have a pretty good idea.

Explosive vents of vast quantities of methane gas.

Now a new, ominous, name could be attached to them: Dragon’s mouths.

Here’s where a blog posted by American professor in glaciology Dr Jason Box at the weekend comes in: “The dragon breath hypothesis has me losing sleep.”


Dr Box highlights signs of alarmingly huge spikes of methane being released into the atmosphere above Siberia.

It’s what that means which has him alarmed.

He’s not mincing his words.

He’s issued a no-holds barred call to action.

“This is an all hands on deck moment,” he writes. “We’re in the age of consequences.”

And he has the “WTF” results from atmospheric measurements to back him up.

Siberian anomaly ... an incredibly high spike in methane reading recorded in 2013.

Siberia has a single ground-based climate observing station, at a place called Tiksi.

But the numbers coming out of the remote research post are startling — and they’re backed up by similar stations in Alaska and Canada.

“I can tell you (these are) really high end,” Dr Box writes.

It’s the erratic, but enormous, spikes in methane readings coming from Tiksi — which Dr Box ominously calls “dragon breaths” — that may be tied to the enormous blow holes now appearing in Siberia’s desolate landscape.

He’d much rather the “dragon” remains dormant.

Rising trend ... the “dragon’s breath” methane spikes have been recorded eight times in t

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  • Opposite Day

    The earth is supposed to be one huge living organism. Siberia might just be the asshole and can’t it fart from time to time?

    • Number1Framer

      Someone should hold a match over one of the holes to test this hypothesis.

      • Echar Lailoken

        I delegate Ken Ham and Richard Dawkins.

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          I’m not the only one picturing a grand finale light saber battle as the world explodes am I? That would be such a fitting end to this all.

          • Echar Lailoken

            I am cool, as long as both perish.

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            Oh, we all do. We all do…

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          I delegate Dick Cheney.
          He’d probably snarl at it and it would go back down where it came from.

  • Oginikwe

    It’ll be interesting when the atmosphere catches fire. Dragon’s mouth, indeed.

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      I’m pretty sure that this is just another ploy by the secular atheist culture police trying to take away my truck.

      • Oginikwe

        Must be some truck!

  • Kragnorak

    Hmmm, isn’t his how the recent Godzilla movie started? Minus the stoopid “eating radiation” part.

  • Chaos_Dynamics

    Planetary razzberry.

  • Cortacespedes

    Sounds like something dreamed up by the”Flatulent Earth Society”.