Belabored Podcast #61: When Climate and Labor Converge


I stumbled across Dissent awhile ago and added them to my Feedly list. However, I had the habit of skimming past their articles (my Feedly account is large and continues to grow). However, Ross Perlin’s essay, “Radical Linguistics in an Age of Extinction,” caught my eye. I’ve since pored over their website and have even signed up for a print subscription.

Two Dissent authors (Sarah Jaffe and Michelle Chen) run a podcast, Belabored, which tackles the labor movement in the US and abroad. I thought the podcast-listening Disinfonauts may be interested.

When Climate and Labor Converge (Live!), with Nastaran Mohit and Lara Skinner

This particular episode addresses the relationship between sustainability and “green” jobs and the labor groups in the US.

via Dissent:

As people around the world prepare to converge on New York City for the People’s Climate March, there seem to be more reasons than ever to despair about climate change, but perhaps also more reason than usual to be optimistic. Issues like the Keystone XL pipeline, superstorm Sandy, and California droughts have seeped into the public consciousness and shown how massive economic inequality overlaps with environmental devastation. But in the face of impending climate catastrophe, is real economic and environmental sustainability still achievable? And how do you tackle capitalism and climate change simultaneously? Belabored, in its first ever live recording at 61 Local in Brooklyn, speaks with two activists on the front lines of both the labor movement and the climate change policy debate about how society can deal with climate change in a way that protects both workers and the environment.”

Conversation with Lara Skinner and Nastaran Mohit

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